Passive Income: 5.5 UNIQUE IDEAS TO MAKE $500 PER DAY!

Passive Income: 5.5 UNIQUE IDEAS TO MAKE $500 PER DAY!

If you want to get rich in 2022, you need passive income. That’s why today, I’m revealing the truth about passive income, as well as 5.5 unique passive income ideas.
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00:00 Intro
01:31 Idea Number 1 – Spotify Playlists
04:16 Idea Number 2 – Merch By Amazon
05:59 Idea Number 3 – Vending Machines
08:10 Idea Number 4 – SaaS Business
10:14 Idea Number 5 – Digital Downloads
11:29 Idea Number 5.5 – Investments
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How can you sit on a beach sipping a Cocktail all the while money is rolling Into your bank account well it turns out This is actually possible with something Called Income passive income passive income Passive income but when millions of People are chasing the same dream things Aren't going to be easy essentially i'm Broke i don't have any money left i Filed bankruptcy that's why i've done Some digging and compiled a list of 5.5 Unique passive income ideas let's talk About them hi guys it's mark it's no Surprise people love the idea of not Working for money but if that was the Reality then we'd all be passive income Millionaires although passive income Doesn't exist leveraged income does this Is by far the most effective way to earn Money long term and has enabled me to Become a millionaire however it also Involves various risks upfront Investments of time and money and plenty Of good old-fashioned work only highly Motivated people will succeed at Creating leveraged income as you first Need to take a large upfront risk in Terms of time and or money this is so That in the future you're able to earn More than others could only dream of Leveraged income is money you get for Creating value and value comes from Solving a problem people have the best

Problems to solve are the ones that Aren't already flooded with lots of People offering the same solution this Is known as finding blue oceans as red Ones are full of people tearing each Other apart competing for the same Income that's why i've made this list of 5.5 unique ideas so you have a much Higher chance of success idea number one Is spotify playlist this is one on the Risk scale and two on effort level i Haven't actually seen anyone mention This idea in any other passive income Video so we're starting off strong but What am i talking about well the other Day i was just flicking through Instagram stories and i got an ad for a Playlist i thought the music sounded Perfect for focused work so i clicked on It and downloaded the playlist on Spotify i then thought nothing more of It and went on with my day as normal Fast forward to the next day and i was Getting bombarded with different spotify Playlist ads this is probably because i Interacted with the first ad and now the Floodgates were open however i then Realized the ads weren't being run by Spotify themselves it was all individual People so that got me thinking if people Are prepared to spend money running ads Then they must be making a profit from Owning these playlists so i did a bit of Digging and it turns out i was correct

This is a great way to make leveraged Income especially if you don't have a Lot of money to begin with you just need To spend time putting together a solid Playlist in a specific genre gain Followers and figure out a way to make Money from it there seems to be two main Ways of doing this i prefer the second But you may think differently the first Way is to charge up and coming artists a Fee fifa getting featured on your Playlist when new artists are trying to Break into the scene they're interested In one main thing spotify streams this Is why an engaged playlist is so Powerful as once you've built it you can Supply that artist with a predictable Amount of monthly streams and charge Accordingly you can even have a Different pricing structure depending on How close to the top you place their Song this is certainly achievable and i Could see you making thousands a month Doing it however here are the issues It's against spotify's terms of service And not very passive as you have to be In contact with the artist to sell song Placements the second way is to start a Patreon an artist can sign up to a Monthly membership in return for the Chance to submit their music to your Playlist this is a lot more passive as The money would be coming in Automatically on a monthly basis and all

You have to do is review music and Update the playlist you could easily Charge five dollars a month and if you Get 1 000 artists signed up you could be Making 5 000 per month this way also Feels less dishonest as you can actually Pick songs you enjoy rather than taking Money to put bad music on your playlist The best thing of all is that you can Replicate the process as many times as You like and build playlists in lots of Different genres idea number two is Actually called merch by amazon this is One on the risk scout and three on Effort level one of my friends is a Reasonable digital artist and has been Working on many different designs for Years he thought a good way to turn Those designs into profit would be to Sell printed t-shirts so he had Thousands printed but unfortunately none Of them sold this was until he took a Trip to germany and displayed his T-shirts at an event one of the designs Started selling like crazy unfortunately He only had a limited supply available And was unable to meet the demand as he Had already invested all his money into The stock that wasn't selling if only He'd known about merch by amazon as he Would have saved money up front and Tested the market a lot faster merch by Amazon is an on-demand t-shirt printing Service it allows sellers to create and

List t-shirt designs on amazon for free There are no upfront costs and you get Paid royalties when a customer buys your Shirt all you need to do is upload your Designs choose the colors and set a Price then amazon will take care of the Rest just think about it go in a Traditional route means that if you have One design and you want to sell that in Three colors and four sizes to men and Women that's 24 shirts if you only do One of each if 24 customers call you and All want a large male t-shirt in blue You can only sell one merch by amazon Takes care of this for you and also Saves you from having to go to shows and Exhibitions to find a market as amazon Already has a huge one established like Anything the more effort you put in Researching customer demand the better You'll do just remember to avoid any Copyrighted content this means you can't Just start printing t-shirts like this Without getting permission from disney Storm pooper idea number three is Vending machines this is five on the Risk out and four on effort level so This idea is clearly a lot harder than The first two however selector is one of The biggest vending machine companies in The world and they reported sales of Over 1 billion in 2021 which was up 3 Percent on 2020. this shows that the Market is growing and the potential is

Huge before i had my own businesses i Worked as a carpenter's apprentice and Can still remember clearly the old Vending machine in the workshop it cost Me 10 cents for a cup of coffee a Bargain it was such a good price that The machine was actually losing my boss Money so he had a bit of a predicament On his hands the income wasn't high Enough to cover maintenance costs the Machine took time to refill and he Couldn't raise the prices as the machine Was so old and no one would have paid The extra he was considering not having A vending machine but he knew it was Important for us to have hot drinks Nearby that's when a young guy he Couldn't be much older than me walked Into the warehouse and offered my boss a Deal he just couldn't turn down he Offered to install three new vending Machines in the workshop and promised to Take care of all maintenance issues and Restocking as well as giving him a 15 Cut of the revenue so not only could my Boss please his staff he would also make A nice profit the new machines were a Hit and could justify charge in higher Prices because of the better quality the Guy who installed the machines later Revealed that we were his first Customers and now he has a huge business With machines throughout the state all Paying him passive income the key to a

Successful vending machine income is to Find great locations once you've Identified a few different spots and Agreed a deal with the owner you can Then secure a machine that fits the Customers needs there are lots of used Vending machines going for low prices Online which would be ideal if you're Just starting out you could even get a Loan and spread the payments using the Profits when picking things to put into The machines it's a good idea to think About the demand in a specific location And slowly test out different ideas Until you have the perfect mix after This it's just a case of hiring staff And expanding your empire so you're able To be as hands-off as possible idea Number four is sas this is five on the Risk scale and five on effort level sas Stands for software as a service the Beauty of this idea is they often use a Subscription-based pricing model so Instead of a customer paying once for Your software they pay on an ongoing Basis this can be monthly or annually This is great as it gives you a Predictable leveraged income each and Every month and the opportunity for Explosive non-linear growth my best Friend decided to go down the sas route At the exact time i started selling Physical products he specialized in Software that handled data for large

Membership organizations these clients Would have a hundred thousand plus Members so keeping track of all that Data was an issue for them at first he Decided to sell his software as a One-time purchase however he always had To search for new customers when he made The switch to a subscription-based model He increases average customer lifetime Value and secured reliable leveraged Income he later went on to sell this Business for multiple millions in order To achieve success like this you first Need to pick the people your software is Going to serve there are two main Categories businesses or consumers Serving other businesses is often seen As the least risky as you can make more Money per client than if you're selling To everyday people once you've got that Nailed down you need to develop a Solution for a problem in my friend's Case it was membership organizations Getting overwhelmed by their own data Everything up until this point has been Built upon assumptions so this is when You need to put those to the test and Build a minimum viable product also Known as an mvp with this you'll be able To conduct market research and explore Different pricing models all the while You're establishing your brand now comes A hard question how do you actually Finance this thing well if your solution

Is good enough then funding really won't Be an issue angel investors love sas Startups so you could pitch for an Investment or you could use your own Resources to fund the company this is Known as bootstrapping idea number five Is digital downloads this is one on the Risk scale and four on effort level the Internet is definitely the place to make Lots of money as its growth has been Exponential in 2020 there were three Hundred and five thousand online Businesses created compared to only Thirteen 000 in 2019 with all these People starting online businesses you May think the competition is going to be Sky high and yes it's harder now however I think there is a huge gap in the Market for digital products just think About it everyone is talking about E-commerce and drop shipping but far Less are actually selling quality Digital products which have the benefit Of never running out of stock and no Shipping costs as it's all done via the Internet a friend of mine created a Digital template system you can use on Instagram just off the back of a problem Sent in by one of her followers who Wanted to stand out within a couple of Hours and no more than a hundred dollars The templates were designed and she now Sells thousands of dollars worth every Week this all came from helping another

Person with their problem and she Thought that if this person needs these Templates then others would too if Instagram templates aren't for you then You can make youtube banners sell stock Footage ebooks games email templates or Even online courses idea number 5.5 is Investments this is variable on the risk Out and a one on effort level now i hold My hands up this isn't exactly unique But i couldn't leave it out it's the Truest form of passive income you will Ever get i've been investing in Different assets for years such as Stocks crypto and real estate i like to See this as a way of really multiplying My money i don't go for crazy profits as That can often lead to people losing Everything a good example of this is When luna cryptocoin collapsed as soon As you can make sure to open up a tax Advantage account this is a stocks and Shares isa in the uk and a roth ira in The usa your aim should be to max out The amount of money you're able to Contribute as the gains are completely Tax-free a good thing to remember is to Be fearful when others are greedy and Greedy when others are fearful i know It's a cliche saying but it's so true if You're wondering where to invest in are a great option and They're giving away a free stock slice Worth between three and a thousand

Dollars when you sign up and fund your Account with the link in the description Now i need to address something Extremely important people will try and Tell you you need more than one passive Income stream which has some truth to it However most people misunderstand what This actually means the mistake i see People making over and over again is Taking their time off an idea that's Working and splitting their attention by Trying something else you'll never get Anywhere if you're one foot in and one Foot out however i do agree with Creating multiple income streams within The same idea because as you progress You'll find even more ways to profit From providing value to your customers So i'm going to leave the next video Right up there but don't click on it Just yet make sure to subscribe if you Want to grow your wealth okay then i'll See you over there

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