Peoplestring Review

Peoplestring Review 1

Peoplestring Review

  • Peoplestring is a social networking site
  • They believe in sharing the revenues with their members
  • Peoplestring is still very new and are still actively trying to get their numbers up


The Product

It’s a social networking site.  Each of the two packages someone can get involved in have different features to them.

The Compensation Plan

  • If you sign someone up for free you earn 50 cents.  Those free members can earn up to 5% on direct referrals and 2% commission between level 2 and 6.
  • The Entrepreneurs members earn 20% commission on all direct referrals and 6% between levels 2 and 6.
  • Entrepreneurs who recommend other Entrepreneurs packages earn $40 on level 1 and $12 between levels 2 and 6
  • Please note that there is a minimum earning of $25.00 before an associate gets paid out.  Generally the payout is bi-weekly for Entrepreneur status and monthly for free members.

Final Thoughts

It seems more like a business marketing tool and an actual social networking site which is good.  It helps them standout from companies like Yournight.  However, Peoplestring is extremely young and as of now, I’d have to say the income one can expect is a supplementary one not a primary one.

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