Phil Miranda Review

Who is Phil Miranda?

Phil Miranda is well known for his involvement with cash gifting programs such as the People’s Program and recently his involvement with Premier Wealth Systems which launched in 2009.

Phil Miranda and Cash Gifting

Phil Miranda is well known in the cash gifting business, though he points out that it is not a business but just ‘gifting’. He is primarily involved with two cash gifting programs – The Abundant Living System and the People’s Program. He is often invited into programs at the beginning or pre-launch phase and works often works with Tony Torres in these programs.

The People's Program was founded by John Bane.

In my opinion, cash gifting is a bit of a scam.  This comes down to the spirit of the law.  The spirit is people are not really “giving gifts” but running businesses – and they have an expectation to receive money.  I think you have to be careful with people who are associated with gifting programs like the Abundant Living System, Profusion X or the People's Program, because there seems to be a will gap in logic and/or morals.

Phil Miranda and the Premier Wealth System

Premier Wealth System is a new program offering an internet marketing system to its users. This program is being promoted by a number of big names on the internet and one of them is Phil Miranda. The Premier Wealth System has a back office with many professionally made video tutorials teaching how to market online. At the end of one of his articles on the program, Phil says that in his experience in the financial industry he learnt to do his due diligence into proven cash generating systems and Premier Wealth Systems would keep topping the list.

Like cash gifting programs, Premier Wealth System has a 100% commission payout.  But unlike gifting, there is a real product with substance attached.  In fact, the product ACTUALLY teaches marketing.

Phil Miranda is a well known internet marketer who has mainly specialized in cash gifting programs and has recently also joined the Premier Wealth System which he believes would top the list in due diligence studies. Other programs that he has been involved in include the Abundant Living System and the People’s Program.

Phil Miranda's Marketing Techniques

Phil Miranda uses a lot of free SEO techniques that I teach to my team for free – and also in my course that actually are effective.  He uses press releases, and creates free hubpages and Squidoo lenses and videos based on the company he's currently marketing for.  So he also has a good handle on keyword research.  The main question becomes is he good at teaching this to new recruits on his team, or is he a churn-and-burn type of guy?  And to be honest, I don't really know.

Researching Premier Wealth Systems?

If you are researching Phil Miranda, or Premier Wealth Systems, I would encourage you to look at some of the benefits and value-added I bring to my team in Premier Wealth Systems.  You need to make sure you feel comfortable with your mentor, and they have proven they can teach you how to market.

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