RevvNRG Review

revvnrg energy drink

RevvNRG is a network marketing company that provides health drinks and sticks. It was founded by Scotty Paulson and works on a form of binary compensation plan with left and right legs.

revvnrg energy drink

RevvNRG – The Facts

  • New network marketing company
  • Founded by Scotty Paulson
  • Two primary products – health drinks and sticks
  • Cost to start begins at around $30.
  • Only available in USA and Canada


RevvNRG has a range of products including the Cheia Vida drink, weight loss system and RevvNRG sticks.

The Compensation Plan

The first way in which you earn money, as with many other network marketing programs, is through buying wholesale and selling on retail. In addition you will also receive fast start bonuses which vary depending on the products that your referral has bought and can range from $5-$60. In addition to this you can receive cycle bonuses on a binary compensation system whereby you receive 17% on your lesser leg in units of 150 i.e. for 150 group volume points you will earn $25 provided that you have a monthly auto ship of at least 25GV. As you grow in the company you will also be able to receive mega match bonuses and lifestyle bonuses as you move your way up the ranks.

Final Thoughts

In a saturated health market, the RevvNRG compensation plan makes the company stand out.  A bit confusing when you get into how much your bonuses will be based on what product you sell but it's a lot better than other ones I've seen… A lot better!

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About the Author: Andrew Murray

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  1. In my personal opinion, this is another Acai-like scam. While Acai Superfruit holds strong antioxident power, blueberries and pomegranite or just as if not more effective.
    Acai is the perfect example of how marketing and a few famous faces can make something less than, extraordinary.
    This seems like another hyped up product with little to zero scientific evidence showing the true power of this product and its interaction with the human body.
    If you look at the crazed “PowerBalance” bracelet. Bottom line a weak magnetized bracelet can not align your entire body and make you all of a sudden nigh6t and day better.
    However, your BRAIN does have the power. If you believe in this product it will work for you.
    But if you believe in a healthy diet, fresh fruits and veggies, water and exercise I guarentee you will not only feel amazing, you will look amazing.

    I hope i summed up this product very well, and as for their business plan. Its practically identical to iZigg(another mlm) and its just a some-what legal verzion of a ponzi scheme.

    1. RevvNRG is not a ponzi scheme. A ponzi scheme is where money is being paid out – not from products sold.

      However, I can understand why selling a product that has a large education component (like any super-juice) can be difficult to sell.

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