Secret Success Machine Review

secret success machine review

Secret Success Machine Review – Legit or Scam

Welcome to my Secret Success Machine review! You may have known a lot about Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) strategies that various companies are offering. If the name ‘Secret Success Machine’ for a business, and more specifically a MLM program, does not scream at you to run away, then you can continue reading below.

Secret Success Machine Overview

Every once in a while there comes out a high-ticket pseudo-gifting program where the creator is lazy enough to make sure that the program has no set purpose, intention, goal, support or service. In fact, it is not even a business but rather just an obvious fraud scheme that is meant to do nothing more than defrauding people from their hard earned money.

Secret Success Machine perfectly fits the criteria. The program is nothing more than an obvious money grab, there is no service or product offered by Secret Success Machine, but rather only a range of overpriced membership fees, which once paid, allow you the refer other people to purchase the same membership. There is also practically no information available on the owner or the company behind the program.

Secret Success Machine Multi-Level Marketing Scheme

There is essentially no benefit offered by this membership, aside from a few video courses that teaches random topics about online moneymaking or some related material. The primary purpose of the membership appears to be, well, recruiting other people to come in and purchase the same membership. The benefit of doing so is that you will be giving a small percentage of the membership fees paid by your new referral. Fear not though, the ridiculous membership fees will more than make sure you get your effort’s worth, if it is so would happen that your referral had been living under a cave all their life and had huge amounts of money to practically throw away.

The membership fees start out from a basic ‘$2,000 + $247 Admin Fees’ for the Silver plan. It is critical note here that the owner actually recognized $2,000 being a relatively huge sum and thus, all memberships have no recurrent monthly fees. The plans go up to a ridiculous ‘$20,000 + $247 Admin fees’ for the final plan.

Secret Success Machine – Our verdict

With all the collected data and reviews from its members, it all leads to a questionable scheme that the Secret Success Machine implements. A sane individual would raise up their business from the ground with that much money, and still have leftover money to purchase a new car. It is highly recommended to stay away from participation in this fraud program, and discouraging your colleagues from the same. Well, assuming that they are oblivious enough to fall for this fraud. There are plenty of others authentic alternatives available that may actually offer you benefits, or even profits if that is what you are aiming. This is probably the reason why its success remains a secret all this time.

In conclusion, we consider the Secret Success Machine Multi-Level Marketing strategy as a scam, and recommend that you stay away from Secret Success Machine

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