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Serenigy Review

This review will focus on SereniGy, the brand new “healthy” coffee company. Read our Serenigy Review to find out if this is the next Organo Gold.

SereniGy, which is a mouthful to say, and seemingly impossible to type correctly, was created by Jay Noland, who actually has many years of proven network marketing experience as a distributor.  Jay was previously a master recruiter and minority shareholder for Organo Gold, another coffee network marketing business. serenigy I understand what the company was going for in terms of relaxation and a world like serenity as the name, but I think it was a poor choice.  And that's typical of companies started by distributors.  There is HUGE difference between the mindset required to be a successful distributor and the mindset required to run a company.  I realize how important this was back in 2006 when I sat on the Executive Leadership committee of a company that was run by a great distributor… who continually made poor business decisions until he ran that company into the ground. I think the implication is clear that there was a personality/ego conflict between Jay Norland and the other owners of Organo Gold.  And he thought he could do it his way/better.  Very few distributors are able to effectively lead as a business owner because the skillset is SO different.  One example of a distributor who has turned into an effective business owner is Bob Reina of Talk Fusion.  So it can be done.  The jury is still out on Jay Norland, however.

Like Organo Gold, SereniGy's coffee products are made from 100% Certified Organic Ganoderma – that powered mushroom coffee.  But they also have tea and hot chocolate products made from the Ganoderma Herb.  Now the Ganoderma herb does have documented healthy properties.  But as a coffee drinker, I personally am not drawn to the idea of powered coffee. On the other side, there is a huge market to convert coffee drinkers, and I have heard that Organo Gold has been spreading well through the African-American communities by the old tell-your-friends method of network marketing.  I'm not sure why this coffee alternative seems to spread much stronger amongst Blacks, but it does seem to from the people I've talked to. There are other alternatives like Teeccino. The website looks OK, but not quite the level of professionalism I expected.

SereniGy's Top Distributors:

SereniGy is pimping out Danny Glover, who's acting experience has little to do with whether he can effectively pick a good network marketing company.

They apparently have also enticed Cedric Penn to join the ranks of this new coffee company.

SereniGy's Intangibles

SereniGy has a mission above the company.  Here is Jay Norland talking about the charitable mission of his company:


The SereniGy Compensation Plan

SereniGy is a young start-up.  There's more risk, but more rewards in very young companies.  Momentum and age are 2 factors I really look for in a network marketing company.  They are NOT in momentum, but they are are young at this point, which is a good thing.  Network Marketing is easier when you get in at the top. According to their official website, “SereniGy pays up to 50% of the total global sales volume to the distributors.”  Keep note of up-to.  Companies rely on breakage – or in other words – people NOT qualifying for commissions.  So up to 50% and 50% are not nearly the same thing. They call their comp plan an “economy equalizer” and it encompasses…

  • Retail Profits
  • Preferred Customer Program
  • Retailers Advantage Program
  • Q2 Maker Commission
  • 4 Level Launch Program (Fast Start)
  • Top 20 LPP Sales Pool Program
  • Residual Team Bonus
  • Residual Team Check Match Bonus
  • Car/Expense Bonus
  • Platinum/Diamond Luxury Bonus
  • Multiple Business Center Bonus
  • Global Bonus Pool

SereniGy promotes the option to buy “multiple business centers” which generally leads to pushing high buy-ins.  Not everyone is comfortable with this type of comp plan.  SereniGy is a binary, which is notorious for promising spillover, and creates ALOT of breakage.  I would expect less than 25% of sales volume is actually paid out into the field.  Binaries are favorites of network marketing company owners for this reason.  I thought it noteworthy that they did not mention the word “binary” on the website of the comp plan video. In a binary like SereniGy, the people at the top make the most money. Do your due diligence on SereniGy before committing to it.  I'd recommend taking the FREE 60 Day Marketing Transformation regardless.

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About the Author: Andrew Murray

Andrew Murray is an online entrepreneur and business owner. I have helped thousands of students create their own websites and funnels and make a full-time income online. Reach out if you need help. Text me at 617-340-2920 Free Webinar: Learn How To Make $1000 Per Day Online Watch The Replay Now


  1. Ok, great review of this company, Andrew. You’ve touched on a few key points of the comp plan.

    Now I’ve given this company a good look for a few weeks and it is a company riding on the momentum of the successful coffee mlm’s which were recently part of a feature article about the global coffee direct sales industry … Direct Selling News

    And after having watched the full comp plan video on the company website, I have concluded that the plan looks great “in theory”.
    It all looks and sounds good until he gets to the part of the income example of the binary.

    Mr. Noland briefly goes over the binary part of the plan and moves on to what appears to be the more lucrative aspects of the comp plan.

    I found it interesting to note that his presentation of the two legs are ‘balanced’ in his example. From my understanding, the two legs in binaries are rarely, if ever, balanced and generally pay on the weaker leg.

    Perhaps, the income generated from the sale of the special coffee allows for a high enough income to off-set the uneven balancing of the legs. Still, not mentioned was where the volume generated from the stronger leg goes.

    So my take for what it’s worth is : Good company, Good product, Not so great binary.

  2. Okay there seems to be a bit of misunderstanding to the entire Organo Gold and SereniGy relationship. Jay Noland was a CO-Founder of Oregano Gold and he left because the integrity was lost in the other Co-Founders. It was not an Ego dispute but difference inintegrity not only in business practice, but in product quality s well.

    Now a little background on who Jay Noland is. He has over 17 years of experience in this industry. while becoming a millionaire he created quite a fee himself, a few oh which are in Organo Gold. SereniGy is not his first company. And more importantly he is not some ol’ rinky-dink distributor who got mad andade his own company. SereniGy is now in 50 different countries in less than a year. We are just a few short weeks away from becoming a publicly traded company and the distributors get first dibs on buying stock. On top of that, not only is SereniGy debt free, but have done over 40 million dollars in sales since launching. Of course, there is more to come because on May 12, 2013 we will launch into momentum.

    But I just wanted to clear up the Oregano Gold confusion though…

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