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Sisel International is a company that creates unique network marketing opportunities by manufacturing its products and then allowing interested people to market them through network marketing. The company offers a wide range of products but it mainly manufactures nutrition supplements which are meant to generate the general body wellness and health fitness. The company's headquarters are in Utah in the United States of America. However, Sisel has been able to acquire an international perspective by operating in other countries which include; Japan, Canada, the United Kingdom and Germany amongst others.

Sisel International – Who Started The Seisel MLM?

Sisel International was founded in 2006 by Tom Mower Senior who is a renowned scientist in collaboration with his son Tom Mower junior. Besides being a respected scientist, Tom Mover Senior had an admirable record in business especially in the network marketing field because he had previously started a company known as Neways International which grew to make an excess of one million dollars in sales. Thus he had ample experience and knowledge while starting Sisel International.

Sisel International is unique from majority of other companies who practices network marketing. This is because many network companies sell products which have been manufactured by other companies. But Sisel International manufactures its own products without involving other companies. The manufactured products are then tested by scientist before being released to the market to ensure that they are safe to be used.

The company's products are sold at a uniform price to both the distributors and customers who prefers to get them directly from the company. This is meant to ensure that the distributors only get the allowed commission but not profits by selling at a higher price. It also encourages distributors to direct potential buyers to go and get the products directly from the manufacturing company. Consequently, the issue of distributors buying big stocks of products to sell at a later date at a higher price is eliminated. This reduces the chances of the products expiring while in the distributors' stores.

Sisel International  has put in place a simple procedure in which people who are interested in joining the marketing network should follow. The first step in becoming a marketer involves visiting the company's official website where there is a sign up option. Signing up involves submitting personal details such as; name, address, location and social security number amongst others. Once the company approves the details, the applicant can login to access their business accounts and start marketing the company's products. Distributors are also allowed to look for customers anywhere in the world. This means that the company's products are not restricted to certain regions. Hence distributors can make more money by exploring the numerous chances available in different parts of the world.

The Sisel Products

Under the guidance of both Tom Mower senior and junior, Sisel International has been able to manufacture and market a wide range of products. Primarily the company concentrated on nutritional products to enhance individual's well being and health. But over time the company has been able to diversify and manufacture a variety of products. Amongst the lines of products that the company manufactures include; deity supplements, weight loss products, dental care products, home care products, makeup, essential oils, joint care products, skin care products, hair care products, bath products, nail systems and anti aging skin care products.

The products manufactured by Sisel International are all natural and hence do not contain any harmful chemical. To assure that these products are not harmful, they are undertaken through keen testing by ways of scientific experiments. The testing processes uses modern technology and is conducted by professional scientists who are qualified and have been approved. The quality of the products is also ensured by the fact that they are ratified by several products qualities bodies.

Sisel's Liquid Nutritionals – Eternity

siselAmongst the most popular brands under Sisel International product line include a liquid supplement known as Eternity. This is one of the various products in the company's line of liquid nutritionals. Eternity is manufactured by a blend of ingredients that are aimed at provide enhanced energy levels, weight loss support and improved vitality. Another popular brand of the Sisel International products include triangle of life liquid nutrition. Just like eternity, this product is manufactured to improve the consumer's health and vitality. But it is packed in bigger containers compared to eternity. Thus there is a wide variety of Sisel International products to choose from.

The Sisel Compensation Plan

siselSisel International has an ideal compensation plan meant to benefit both the distributor and also the company. The plan incorporates six distinct levels of distributorship. These levels are; master distributor commission, direct distributors commission, momentum bonuses, fast start bonuses, car bonus and builders bonus. The different level is achieved depending on the sales volume and merits. Amongst the most unique level is the car bonus. In this bonus, the distributors are given the freedom and mandate to market the company's products using their car of choice. These cars are usually prestigious and hence they attract a lot of attention. Consequently, people envy's the distributor's success and hence joins the Sisel marketing network. This plan is aimed at increasing the numbers of distributors and marketers.

The Sisel International plan compensates the distributors more compared to other network marketing companies. This is facilitated by the fact that the company manufactures its own products unlike other marketing companies which deals with product manufactured by other companies. This is advantageous to the distributor because there are no middle men. Thus the money used on middle men is transferred to the distributor hence raising their compensation.

The compensation plan is also considerate of the active distributors. This is portrayed by the various incentives and rewards that are extended to distributors who perform well. The incentives are inform of periodic bonuses to distributors who achieve the set targets. The distributors who make large volume of sale also stands to get higher commissions since the more they sell, the higher the percentages of commission. Thus distributors' earnings are directly proportional to their efforts in the network marketing. Thus people with the ability and the resources required can join the marketing network of Sisel International and start making money.

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  1. SISEL is now in 30 countries across the world & has over 110 toxin free products that are formulated and manufactured at SISEL’s cGMP, Organic, Green certified & kosher manufacturing plant in Springville UT. this products are manufactured to improve the consumer’s health and vitality.

  2. one of my favourite product of SISEL is Eternity.
    Eternity is an concentrated blend of 3 key ingredients in a variety of macro, nano-sized nutrients. This product has a variety of health benefits such as weight loss support, exuberant health and vitality, energy, and more youthfulness & longevity. Since Sisel manufactures their own products, they have the ability to ensure their products are made with the highest of quality

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