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SoZo Review –Is the SoZo LifeBusiness Opportunity Worth Your Time?

You’ve clearly come here to read this SoZo review for a reason. First of all you’re probably ready to take your future into your own hands. But secondly, you want to make sure that the company you’re thinking of doing that with is legitimate and worthy of your time and effort.

I’m sure that the person that you spoke to explaining this opportunity went on to talk about how great the SoZo opportunity is.

And by the way, just so we’re clear…I am not connected in any way to SoZo. I am not a distributor for them, and it truly doesn’t affect me one way or the other if you join. I just want you to be able to make an informed and knowledgeable decision.

SoZo Life 3rd Party Review – What You Should Know…

 Sozo Life is a company that’s starting to gain some ground in the MLM market.  They’re fairly young, only a couple of years old, so they’re still likely riding with their training wheels on a bit. However, their product line seems to be top notch with a great deal of focus on something that people already absolutely love, which is coffee. They do have a unique angle though, utilizing the fruit of the coffee plant, which is the high antioxidant coffee berry.  Riding these two big trends in the coffee and antioxidant wave – which has created success for a lot of MLM companies as of lately – there’s no reason that this company can’t go on to become a huge success.

Though they didn’t seem to come out of their launch with a roar, they may be a late bloomer in the game, especially due to what seems like a very formidable and astute team of leaders, of which I’ll talk more about in a moment.

SoZo Life – The Company

SoZo is a company based out of Henderson, Nevada. They were founded in 2009 by Larry Cantrell, the Chairmen, along with Mark Adams and a huge name in MLM, Bryan Thayer.

There products revolve around the coffee berry, which is an extremely potent antioxidant berry, reportedly 625 times the strength of the blueberry. Their SoZo Functional beverage began as the staple product for the company, which first began using the coffee berry. This drink is said to supply the user with the antioxidants 21 servings of fruits and vegetable.

The Management Team Behind SoZo Life

One of the things that are quite appealing about SoZo is the management team that they’ve got in place. This is the sort of team that gives you the feeling that there’s definite potential for the company to rise up and become great.

Chairman Larry Cantrell has been in the MLM industry for over 23 years, as a successful distributor, as well as a President and CEO. His CEO Mark Adams, a serial entrepreneur and 2008 Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year was successful with seven previous businesses before helping to found SoZo.

These two alone could make you feel pretty good, and then it gets even more promising when you add V.P. of Sales Michael Boyd to the mix. Boyd is no slouch when it comes to leading in MLM, where he’s been a dynamic trainer in the industry, and has led numerous seminars that went on to millions of dollars in sales.

The SoZo Life Products

sozo review
SoZo Review: The Coffeeberry Juice

The products from SoZo Life really do make the biggest difference. These products are definitely the driving force of the company. The unique angle of the highly antioxidant rich coffee berry gives this company a bit of an edge when comparing MLM products.

Leading with the SoZo Functional Beverage, they’ve got a staple product that packs a mighty punch. Add to that the ready to serve SoZo Ignite Drink which contains naturally occurring caffeine, plus fruit and vegetable extracts that are designed to promote alertness, support endurance and reduce stress. Lastly, their third and final product is their SoZo Select Gourmet Coffee line. This is a line of coffee where they’ve been able to…with a patented formula…preserve the benefits of the coffee berry, as well as the coffee bean. This allows coffee drinkers to simply redirect their coffee purchases to SoZo.

SoZo Compensation Plan

The compensation plan for SoZo seems to have quite the potential as being lucrative. With several different ways to earn, including Retail Commissions, Fast Start Bonuses, Fast Start Matching Bonuses, and Builder Bonuses. It’s a binary plan, and the best part of their plan seems to be that it goes down on infinite levels.

Their plan seems easy enough on paper, with their model being just get two and help them get two type of structure. It’s a nice concept, and gives you a good chance, as a newbie to create an income in the long run. Also, any distributor who reaches the highest rank can then earn a second business center which will be positioned directly above their first business center. That gives you the chance of an even larger residual income in your future.

SoZo Life – Is It A Good Opportunity?

So of course the question on your mind is whether or not SoZo is an opportunity worth attempting. From my research and experience in this industry, it seems like this is an opportunity that has the potential to become a great earner. This company has a bright future ahead of it due to their innovative and apparently very effective products, as well as their leadership team, and lucrative compensation plan. But that plan works only if you’re able to find truly capable people to put into your downline and help grow your business…

SoZo Life – How To Guarantee Your Success If You Join

Finding the people to put into your down line is what quickly becomes the hardest part for most people.

That’s because of outdated methods from most upline sponsors and even phony MLM trainers and consultants.

The truth is that you can’t build a successful MLM home business without a downline, and you can’t build a downline without highly motivated and targeted leads coming to YOU day in and day out. The only way to actually have those leads coming in to you instead of having to go out and bug your friends, family, and everyone you know… is to have a system that brings those leads into you constantly.

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