Surge365 – Legit Product or Scam?

Surge365 – Legit Product or Scam? 1

surge365Welcome to my Surge365 review! Regardless of how much legislation are placed to effect against Internet High Yield Investment Programs, otherwise known as Pyramid Schemes, the schemes seem to keep finding ways to return under different guises.

It is sad that despite the widespread information available on the Internet about every topic imaginable, people continue to fall for fraudulent schemes. These schemes title themselves as pioneers or experts of some excellent business, and offer investment opportunities to people eager for some spare income. In reality though, the golden business simply does not exist beyond a page in the internet, or if it does, it has no real income potential. Then how do they earn money?

Surge365 Schemes

The art of deceiving people into making investments and having them advertise for the company. In return, the company continuously pays them small ‘profit’ on their investment. The company sustains this through splitting off on new investments they receive from new investors, as the cycle of recruitment and new investment continues, it results in a potentially never-ending cycle of money-making for the company.

Of course, the exact details of these may vary from each company, but the context stays. Let us scrutinize one certain company that has become notorious for offering insane rewards to their ‘affiliates’, Surge365.

Surge365 is a‘travel agency’ that focuses all efforts on acquiring affiliates, rather than offering travelling services to regular customers. As evident from their website, the business is focused towards enabling people to ‘earn more’. It was launched on 2nd March, 2015 in the United States of America.

Here is how it works; In order to gain membership in Surge365, one must first pay $59.95 monthly in order to actually be eligible for receiving discounted travel rates, it is important to note here that this membership is actually the only service offered by Surge365. The actual discount deals and travelling services come from an affiliated actual travelling site, Pro Travel Network. Frankly, the deals offered are not very exciting, but probably is not why people join the site, if they needed to travel there are plenty of better, authentic online services around.

If you are to follow what the company expects from you, there is potential to just possibly make some money. The company pays its members bonuses for recruiting more members, when new members join the website, they pay for their own membership. Surge365 simply takes some of that new membership fees and sends a slice to the member who referred the new member. This cycle of referral continues down a multiple level, direct (first tier) referrals are worth a whole $59.95 in bonus, second tier referrals are worth $20 and so forth. The bonus program is always actual multi-levelled and goes quite deep.

Is Surge365 legit or scam?

Remember the talk about Pyramid Schemes earlier? Does it sound familiar? We will help you out a bit more. The Founder’s circle of Surge365 is actually veterans in this field. The current CEO, Vice President, CVO and other top members are the former owners of the debunked huge Pyramid Scheme, Your Travel Biz. The company ‘YBZ’ came under lawsuits in 2008 and bankrupted in 2013, their offered services were quite similar to Surge365; ‘designed to help you get some extra cash’. The founders now simply moved their operations to Surge365 once they saw that YBZ could no longer function because of defamation.

Our Verdict on Surge365

In conclusion, if you are looking for a travelling solution, there are plenty of authentic and real alternatives around. If you are interested in making money through this pyramid scheme, then please keep in mind that you will continuously be at risk of losing all your money once the service goes under.

So, looking into the scenarios discussed in this article, the Surge365 is a scam!


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  1. Hello,
    THX for you review on this company I was invited but not joined.
    Do you have a review on InCruises?

  2. Yes, Its A Scam. I worked with these people for 9 years, made a lot of money, but it has dissolved into a SCAM. Especially what they are doing now, 4th quarter 2019, they LOST the “membership” they got kicked off of the third party platform for low sales. Now they are asking people to pay $99.95 for their “next generation thing” but not telling people what it is. People are paying $99.95 to get in position, with no idea what they are in position FOR. And they don’t pay you your bonus until these people UPGRADE, but again, no explanation as to what upgrade means or how much it will cost. Basically they are putting your bonus into a DEFERRED account, keeping your money, until the people who don’t know what they are buying, pay who knows how much, to upgrade for what nobody can or will explain. SCAM

  3. Surge 365 is currently under investigation by the Illinois States Attorney General for deceptive business practices. Effective Oct 8th, 2019. And they have been reported to the FTC for their current $99.05 Next Generation Scam. Stay Away

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