The BEST 2022 Side Hustle For MEN That Nobody Talks About

The BEST 2022 Side Hustle For MEN That Nobody Talks About

First we gotta be real there are no man job and women jobs, there are just jobs that women are more likely to like teachers, and jobs that men are more likely to do like garbage men. But no one is preventing anyone from doing any of those jobs and neither I’m I. But these side hustle just happen to be done by men more than they are by women. (okay now that I said that, I wont be cancelled )
SO in this video, we will talk about 10 solid side hustles, and again my definition of a side hustle is common sense, its something you can do on the side while you have a job, but that doesn’t mean anyone can just do them; because if that’s the case then they would all be minimum wage. (the more skill required the more money you can make obviously )

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1. Part time Fire Fighter less than 5% are women

– This would be less about money and you just contributing to something

– Because you would only make between 12.50 to 18.27 an average per hour

– And you are risking your life, so if you do this, do it because you want to help, but if you just want money don’t worry we have more side hustles

2. Flexible Software Developer ( 80% of these jobs tend to be held by us )

– And even a part time position or side hustles can earn easily above $25 dollars per hours

– I mean you have this skills I don’t see why you wouldn’t make it your full career

– But incase you don’t, you can built it up into your main gig (70k full time and 35k part time )

3. Part time Handy Man ( my uncle and his friend do this, and he comes home on the weekend with an extra$300- $500 )

– They had a falling out over $300 but they’ll be back to talking in no time

– But the idea from hanging TVs, to fixing tiles and small task around the house

– You can do this and earn some money ( use Task Rabbit, and craiglist to find potential jobs )

4. Construction Industries: Painting, Home Remodel ( carpet removal, demolition and so on ), and being all around helper

– Think $500 plus extra a week

– Its not easy work but its good work and good money

– Stay fit, eat healthy and drink a lot of water ( a lot of folks just end up looking like bob the builder but overweight )

5. Chef almost 80% are men

– Picture catering, working restaurant during peak times ( which are usually after work, and on the weekends when you aren’t working your main job)

– Please don’t go to school if this is just part time, its okay to work and learn on the job

6. HVAC : 97% are men

– The average job here pays around 70k, but you can do this part time and earn a good amount of money, by doing jobs after work and on the weekends when most people are home anyways

– Training for this jobs takes anywhere from 6months to 3 years

7. Video Production from Filming to Editing ( we dominate almost 80% of this field )

– And its not just movie work, but its you having a camera to shoot weddings, restaurants menus and even real estate properties

8. Part time Pilots 90% are dominated by US

– This job can earn you an easy 50k+

– but it does take you 3-4 years to become one, unless you find an express program

9. Landscaping Part time

– That’s an easy $15+ an hour an average

10. Mechanic Part time

– You can start working on a training program right away or also spend sometime learning under someone or school for 2-5 years ( whenever you hear 5 years just ignore that)

Women dominate real estate agents, dog training and more jobs but if you are guy and this sounds interesting go for it

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*Some of the links and other products that appear on this video are from companies in which Tommy Bryson will earn an affiliate commission or referral bonus. Tommy Bryson is part of an affiliate network and receives compensation for sending traffic to partner sites. The content in this video is accurate as of the posting date. Some of the offers mentioned may no longer be available. I'm an Accountant but I'm not your Accountant, always review information with your Accountant/CPA and your Financial Advisor.

I'm the most original guy on youtube and I found me an original idea today don't Ask me how i did it don't ask me where My ideas about side hustles for men come From because i'm just super Original and i refuse to give people my Secrets because all of my ideas they Always have to be a hundred percent Original okay So let's get started with the video so First off guys we gotta be real here There are no jobs for men and no jobs For women in the sense that if you go Get a job they're gonna be like well You're not a woman or you're not a man You can't work here like that doesn't Exist okay but there are jobs though That men are more likely to do and jobs That women are more likely to do so this Video is about jobs that men tend to be More likely to do but if you're a woman Watching the secret video the answer is Who cares just do whatever you want to Do and if it's interesting to you then Is a possibility you might want to do it But most people that are women are more Likely not to want to do any of these Jobs that are in the video So i can't be canceled now that i said That right because i don't want to be Canceled nah bro there's no way okay i Think i think we cleared it up great You're good great good all right So in this video guys i found 10 solid

Side hustles that tend to be more likely For men to actually like and enjoy and Actually want to do now again my Definition of a side hustle is very Common sense it's something you can do On the side to earn money while you have For example your normal full-time job And obviously all these jobs are not Going to be able to be done by average People that don't want to get any Training some of them will be though Because if anyone can do them most Likely you're going to get minimum wage If you have to have some training to Actually get it done or some specialty You're likely to be able to make a lot More money and that's the whole point we All want to make more money in the sign We don't want to make less money and Just waste our free time makes Absolutely no sense so as always smash The like button it helps a lot and on Top of that also if you're new here Subscribe and we'll see notify because i Do post videos all the time on investing Money saving money and like this one how To make extra money on the size Subscribe the channel and hit the Notification bell so you get notified When i post a new video every single Week multiple times a week okay now the Very first one guys is going to be a Part-time firefighter now again this job I wouldn't do for the sake of the money

It's a job you might want to do if You're interested in actually doing it Saving lives helping people but i Wouldn't do this job for money because It is pretty risky it's a risky job it's Very challenging takes a lot of courage To do and less than five percent of These people tend to be women okay now You're gonna be getting paid around 12.50 an hour all the way up to around 18 27 an hour so you get paid a decent Amount of money but again you got to be Interested in it because i wouldn't risk My life for something i'm not interested In just to make some extra money like That's just a little bit too much for me And my taste but if you're interested in It my pastor did this before he was a Pastor and he loved this so much so if It sounds good to you go ahead and give It a try part-time and it might even Become your full-time career also number Two is a flexible software developer now 80 Of these jobs are held by us which is Pretty cool stuff okay but overall the Cool thing about being a flexible Software developer is that it's not just On an hourly basis because you can make A lot of money by the way like 25 and up And the average one makes you run 70 000 And that's a lot of money but even being Part-time you can be job-based meaning You go on upwork you go on fiverr you go

On craigslist you basically find some Work somewhere and you're able to do These projects where you can complete Them in a few hours on the weekend from Home whatever you want to do and boom You're done but it's not like you have To be there to perform hourly you can Perform based on work and earn money Very quickly and make it obviously You need to have for example some Training there are boot camps out there To take between 6 months to 12 months But they're also programs obviously take Between two years to four years but Again I don't see why if you acquire this Skill you wouldn't want to do it full Time because there's so much money to be Earned here but if you just want to do It part time that is a possibility again Boot camp between six months To 12 months to earn you 25 bucks an Hour and up i mean that is amazing Number three a part-time handyman now Forget about what you're thinking oh i Have to be a plumber i have to do this And that no the answer is you can do Simple things for example like hanging a Tv Hanging a fan Fixing something around the house my Uncle and his friend do this and they Bring in an extra 300 To 500 well his friend does it almost

Full time my uncle does it part time and My uncle brings an extra 300 to 500 Bucks every weekend and that's not bad At all and by the way they had a whole Falling out thing because someone didn't Pay someone but now they're back to Being friends that's a great thing you Love to see that but overall it's money To be made here now before you say tommy I want to do this but where do i find The jobs at like do i knock on doors the Answer is no don't do that's weird okay But you go for example on taskrabbit you Go on craigslist and you go also on Facebook with people's groups and you Just ask people overall and if there's Work to be done you can find it there Taskrabbit craigslist facebook acting People around the answer is you can make An extra 300 to 500 bucks every single Week and that is good money okay Good excellent money i can't do it Because i'm terrible at this stuff but If you can it is good money to be made Here number four is construction Industry Don't just think about building houses Think about for example painting houses Think about for example also home Remodeling whenever they're going to Remodel a home who do you think Demolishes everything who do you think Takes off the carpet who do you think Does all that work that can also be you

So doing those jobs can earn you easily Some extra money around 500 bucks extra Per week that's not bad if you ask me And you also have for example just being A helper so you go to one of these homes To one of these construction jobs and You're like hey i'm here i'm a helper What can i do to help and they have you Do all those jobs that no one wants to Do but it's on the side though and you Get to earn some extra cash okay extra Dough is never a bad thing and again you Can do it on the weekends you can do it After work and so on but these jobs like The full-time ones tend to be early in The morning so we get out very quickly But on the weekends you can earn some Extra money which is awesome Number five you're probably going to be Surprised here but it's actually being a Chef we dominate that around 80 of chefs Tend to be mad now just think about it Okay Stop stop it stop thinking about Culinary school stop it with the student Loan stuff you're able to just work in a Restaurant during the peak Hours now when are those usually when People get out of work late at night Also on the weekends and that's usually When you're also out of work you're able To do these things on the side and earn Some extra cash so not a bad thing and Again you can work in a restaurant

Helping out with cooking stuff by the Way i don't mean like some fancy Restaurant you can work in a restaurant Where you don't have to be a culinary Four-year expert with a hundred thousand Dollar student loan then you will and You went to france the answer is no you Can be an average person just get some Training and boom you're working there And making a few extra dollars on the Weekends and also after work not bad if You enjoy cooking i enjoy cooking but For myself And the minute i get married i'll help Out every now and then but I do it because i have to i have to do It because or else i'll starve or eat Out too much and so on but it's not my Thing but if you like it though that is Something you can do and of course i'll Help my wife out okay i'm not like oh You got to do a little stuff but you Know like i i'm it's not really my forte If you may say okay number six hvac 97 Of these jobs are held by men and that's For example everything air conditioning Everything heating and so on now Obviously You do need training between six months To two years and so on but you can get Paid a lot of money i think the average Job in this field pays around seventy Thousand dollars so even doing it part Time can earn you some extra money and

Again you can do this on the weekend and If you're doing it yourself you can say Hey i work after 3 p.m or after 5 p.m When you're off of work or on the Weekends and so on but again this is one Of those things that if you have the Skill to do this i don't see it why you Won't take it full time but if you just Want to do it part time that's also Where to do it and if you want to help Somebody that has the license and you Say hey i want to help you whether it's For example making the holes in the wall Making the cuts doing the cleanup There's a lot of other jobs within jobs So you can basically do those and earn Some extra money like does that make Sense like being a plumber that requires A lot of work but you can do an Apprentice or you can be like a helper Where you basically get him everything He needs and do all the hard work and so On so that way he can just focus on the Things that actually require him to use His mind to actually get it done does That make sense doing the heavy lifting That's the idea now that's a great job If you ask me now number seven I was surprised by this one video Production everything from filming to Editing to photography we dominate 80 Percent are men here so don't just think About i want to film the marvels part Time because that's a lot harder

Obviously but think a lot for example a Lot of indie films or just films are Basically just getting started or just For example normal editing work for Companies and their logos and so on so All those jobs can be found for example On up or craigslist facebook but most Importantly think also being a Photographer for weddings doing menus at Restaurants you take those photos like You got to take those okay on top of That picture also real estate so real Estate you got a house Who does photography that can also be You so that's also extra money on the Weekends you can actually do you might Need to do like 10 houses on a weekend You charged per house a hundred bucks or Like 250 like per house or whatever Being a photographer the answer is that Is not an accurate amount of money by The way but i'm just telling you you can Make a good amount of money on the side Not bad if you ask me number eight this One is massive because it does require a Lot of training okay but ninety percent Are men and that is being a part-time Pilot and even being a part-time pilot You can earn 50k and up and i was like how do you be A part-time pilot the answer is well on The weekends and you do charter jets for Other people and so on right so they Kind of call you in when they need you

Now This means 50k and up but in reality This means three to four years of Schooling maybe two potentially do like An express like um training program and So on but being a pilot is very Difficult the training is very intense So again it's something you can do Part-time while you build up to a Full-time potentially it all depends on How you actually want to get it done but It is a great career and we do dominate It now number nine Is landscaping part time this one i was Like alright this kind of makes sense But 15 bucks an hour and so on to do Landscaping and again you don't need to Be Oh i have this whole design idea for how This is going to look whatever no like You have a landscaping company you work For them part time they tell you move This move that move this we already know Exactly what we want and you kind of get It done part time and you get some extra Money like that but if you do have that Mind to bring somebody's like ideas into The real world that's also extra money On the side too okay that aspect of the Landscaping with the creative side of it Okay then you have number 10 lastly Mechanic part-time again this does Require some training now you can either Work for a mechanic

Where you help them out with the store And everything like that or you can Become a mechanic part-time which is two To five years of training but whenever You hear five years remember these are Average numbers there are There are training programs out there That get you there a lot faster and the Answer is if you do this part-time it's A job where Part-time cool but full-time you can Make even so much money too like i go to Take my car to yoda and they're like Yeah 70 bucks an hour for this problem I'm like wow this is amazing you guys Make a good amount of money and i'm Always like excited about it okay this Is great work so that's the answer those Are 10 Very solid Side hustle possibilities For men and yes you know there are jobs That women dominate for example like the Real estate agents most of them are Women Dog training most of them are women and Also teachers most of them are women Women dominate a lot of jobs okay but if You are a man and you're interested in Those jobs likewise if you're a woman And you're interested in some of these Jobs the answer is no one's stopping you Like jobs or jobs okay so again i can't Be canceled i'm not that i said that

Right because i don't want to be Cancelled okay nah bro there's no way Right so we're good yeah so dominating Jobs or jobs and that's all that matters Okay so overall guys these are 10 solid Ideas that i believe also you can take It from just being a part-time thing to A full-time blown thing if you actually Want to and by the way Just one Last lesson here and i want you to Comment down below job so i know you're A real person you made it all the way Here but remember A lot of these things these side hustle Jobs should be done for a purpose for a Goal like to actually have some Disability okay but if your plan is do I'm going to work so hard and i'm going To provide for my kids be careful Becoming a provider And not actually a father or a father Figure or a guardian or whatever you Actually want to be i know so many dads That all they do is work they come home They're so tired and they have no time For their wives or their kids and all That stuff and it is terrible or just Single guys that all they do is work Like that stuff is not sustainable like You need some balance in your life but If you have a short-term goal where You're like hey i gotta save for this House for this college thing or whatever

It is do it for a short period of time But understand you have to put in even More effort at home to be present Because this stuff is not sustainable Whatsoever and i see people struggle With this a lot okay but that's my Lesson thanks for watching again comment Down below job with your comments so i Know you're real person and also if you Have even more ideas that i did not Cover here well comment them down below Also so a lot of us can get even more Ideas and things we can possibly do on The side again thanks for watching as Always like subscribe hit the bell to Get notified comment down below with job So i know you're a person and as always Another video here and my face is here Click on subscribe and as always long Term team officially out follow me on Instagram by the way that's tommy bryce All right great I think we're good no cancellation

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