The BEST 7 Side Hustles For 2022 | Millionaire Reacts

The BEST 7 Side Hustles For 2022 | Millionaire Reacts

Should you start one of these side hustles?



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I'm reacting to these top seven side Hustle for 2022. let's see Mark 7 side Hustles to start in 2020. There we go Because it requires Capital to get Started into action yeah that's good Advice it does actually require capital And to make any money trading you Actually need to put a lot of money in In the first place to make any sizable Returns and it's obviously super risky Depending on what asset class you choose They see results people love to say you Can start investing with a hundred Thousand dollars but I promise you You're gonna get nowhere even if you Build up a time you're eventually gonna Lose it because it's just games yeah oh My God this person's right this person's Right we found someone with actual good Advice on why investing straight away When you have no money is not a good Idea and will not get you rich and it's Not a good side hustle let's keep going Yes there are ways to play long term That are actually real and that actually Works long-term investing absolutely yes Long-term hold tracker funds S P 500 and Index Fund compound interest over time Invest something every single month and In 30 years time you know you will have Exponentially more money if the profits Or whatever don't get reinvested so yes That's what I mean this that's my

Investing strategy I'm doing long-term Hold index funds across I can do a whole Nother video on it but basically yeah That is actually good investing advice But it's not a quick payoff I promise You you're not going to make your Personal entry second we have affiliate Marketing oh All the affiliate marketing right let's See if this person thinks affiliate Marketing is any good because you all Know my thoughts on it it's not this One's easily the worst it's called oh Yes easily the worst yes it is because If you are a pro marketer and you can Successfully make loads of money through Affiliate marketing just do it for your Own stuff that you have full control Over and you'll make more margin and More money from it that's just that's Just completely stupid it takes a ton of Time to learn the skills to be heard and If you're a good marketer then you Should just start a Dropbox No go to drop shipping no no we have Manual labors okay oh wow it's quick Okay right yeah Manual Labor Service now We're getting into the realm of things I'd actually advise the hardest part About this is actually finding jobs the Surface usually pretty easy and the best Things I'd recommend are power washing Christmas snow removal Lawn Care Christmas lights very very seasonal snow

Removal depends on where you live Obviously Lawn Care yes if you're like a Teenager and you want a bit of money on The side but as a fully grown adult and This is my problem with side hustles Right is the actual like what we're Calling them is the problem these are Businesses to start that you want to Replace your current income with your Current job whatever it might be it's The mentality of like if it's just on The side no no like I started my digital Marketing agency on the side technically Because I had a job at the time of Starting it however I didn't go into a Minute I've just won a little bit of Money on the side doing extra digital Marketing I was all in on building a Very successful agency and nine years Later we have so yeah let's give you a Hard detailing the only downside is you Have a ceiling on your income so you Have to hire workers to actually yeah You have to hire people to scale that's One of the quote-unquote issues with Service-based businesses that require Human capital do the job if you wanted Fourth we have three Freelancers this is Basically just an online version of Manual yeah okay I'm gonna be honest I Started as a freelancer before I start My agency you know until you hire people And employees to work within your Organization if it's a service like

Digital marketing like we started with Facebook ads but we're so much more now You are technically a freelancer so yeah The same things in fact six we have a Marketing okay all right wow we're just Glossing over Freelancers the fact that Freelancer Marketplace is really hard to Get started on they people always make Claims about how easy it is just because You take digital certifications on Google ads doesn't mean you're suddenly Great at Google ads and so forth there's Loads of other issues with freelancing To make loads of money but on the side Yes develop a compounding skill that the More experience you gain the more you Can charge and therefore you can then go Out and launch a business and scale it So it's not just you doing the service Delivery which leads very nicely onto Marketing agency let's have a look Everyone's great and you can get huge Profit margins the margins are good I Will tell you that now we have very good Margins downside is you basically become A Salesman you'll have a team that is Very true very very true when you're First starting your digital marketing Agency the one thing you need to get Exceptionally good at is sales because It's sales that will allow you to get Clients which will then give you income Obviously and I remember when I first Started my digital marketing agency oh

My God the sales calls I were on I did Were Dreadful I would rubbish at them Absolutely appalling I would love to dig Out some recordings but we didn't use Zoom at the time for them now 1000 plus Calls later absolute Pro so yeah that Does all the work and it's your job to Continually get it clients but you get To a point when you do eventually hire a Sales team and then remove yourself but If you're like me I absolutely love Selling I can sell water to fish I Wonder that's not water to fish I can Sell water to a drowning man as they say Like I'm really good at the sales part And it's something I absolutely love so I will not be replacing myself anytime Soon we'll be adding more people into The sales team but I still love doing The sales call so if you do if you are An e-commerce business and wants to Scale into multiple seven figures or Deeper into eight figures and you want To work my agency you will be doing the Sales calls with me so link below to see Uh if you qualify and apply for a growth Planning session with me anyway that's Enough of me so unless you're good at Meeting business owners and convincing Them that they need Services then that One's probably yeah that's good if You're an introvert don't do it because It's not going to work for your skill Set number seven and this is

And that is Drop Shipping Drop Shipping Is the top whoa no no not the top side Hustle for 2022. let's have a look let's See what he says because e-commerce Isn't going anywhere that's true and With Tick Tock in the game marketing has Never been easier yes there's still Virality in Tick Tock I experienced that 11.2 million views gained 180 000 Followers in 90 days which is mental Could never do that on a platform like This like YouTube but we are crushing Shorts right now with loads and loads of Views so check those out as well make Sure you like And subscribe and to be Completely honest you don't need too Much skills to see success you do though You do you need to be able to Successfully grow and scale your Business which involves you know Production Creative Marketing all of Those yeah simplified barrier of Entry Is very it is low because anyone can go Find useless Tire on AliExpress and then Sell that to someone in the UK or the US With like three to four week shipping Times that your customers are gonna hate And then you're gonna deal with all the Complaint teaches you all the Fundamentals of business as well as Giving you the app opportunity to turn Your Drop Shipping Store into a real oh Okay that that is the one really good Caveat here is that if you are able to

Take products that you know are in Demand and then private label them and Turn them into a brand say like liver King for example who crushes it on Amazon all over social I'm not gonna Comment on my opinion of them because You know some of it's not very favorable However if you can then create a brand From it and validate with Drop Shipping Absolutely go for it but if your mindset Is oh I'm just gonna make loads of money Drop Shipping and I'm going to drop ship Useless low quality tat with terrible Margins you're not going to build a Successful business from it let alone a Side hustle so Just Make sure you subscribe to my YouTube Channel thanks for watching I'll see in The next reaction

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