The Top 5 SIDE HUSTLES in 2022

The Top 5 SIDE HUSTLES in 2022

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The gig economy is full-force. Many pundits out there believe short-staffed industries like fast-food and retail are struggling to find willing workers for more than just Covid-19 and ”laziness” reasons. One of those reasons is the vast amount of self-employment opportunities available at a reasonable income and with flexible hours at companies like Uber, Lyft, Thumbtack, Doordash, Upwork, and Fiverr. Check out our latest video exploring the top 5 side-hustles to consider when you're looking for extra loot!

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[Music] In the words of pharrell i'm a hustler Baby i just wanted you to know it ain't Where i've been but where i'm about to Go in another outtake i sang the whole Thing and we'll see which one aaron Ultimately chooses it's brad here Hashtag think national think brat and Today we want to give a quick rundown of Five other jobs you could have in this Gig economy world we live in let's jump Right into it [Music] Let's start with the undisputed king of The gig economy ride sharing lyft and Uber comprise almost the entire piece of The pie with uber taking up 71 of that Pie they've got an act of 93 million People using uber who hasn't used uber In the world we're living in now and It's a good way to make some quick cash If you're hurting So what can you expect to make if you do Drive for uber or lyft on the whole 15 To 20 an hour in peak times is about Right there's a market for just about Anything out there and with the online Ecosystem world we live in now almost Anyone can get started with reselling Items in their home for most people it Starts as a labor of love cleaning out Your house getting rid of things you Don't want when the light bulb goes off And you think i could probably make

Money selling that the old dust catchers As i would call them so who hasn't sold Something in their day on the og of Reselling ebay but there's also facebook Marketplace etsy and many other Platforms you could use i personally Know of many people who have Transitioned from selling part part-time To full-time in this resharing economy We're living in but here's the hard part There's a lot of competition currently And it's only growing harder so if You're going to do this you really got To dial in know your numbers know your Statistics know what stuff is selling For when you buy it and know what stuff Will sell for when you resell it and the Margins there there's a lot more to know Than you think ah tutoring it's been Around forever but in the age in which We live in now with the internet it's Easier than ever to become an online Tutor tutors on the whole make a hundred Dollars an average per hour and have the Great distinction of being able to work From anywhere on zoom on skype whatever Traditional subjects that you could Tutor on include anything you'd have Learned in school social studies math Science etc it could be a musical Instrument it could be religious studies It could be for english as a second Language people so english to spanish or For english speakers spanish to english

Etc plenty of things sky's the limit Cuatro blogging so in the og world of Online hustles blogging is probably the Original one one we all think about and Very few of us do but it's growing in Popularity quite quickly if your blog Delivers valuable content this could Become very valuable stream of income For you as time goes along most bloggers Can typically expect to make anywhere Between 500 to 2 000 a month in their First few months of getting going Glassdoor did a survey of full-time Bloggers back in 2020 and found that on The whole the average income was about 37 000 a year keep in mind you've got Top-end ones who are making crazy money But on the whole most are making very Little if any money the good thing about Blogging is you just need a good five to 15 hours a week to come up with great Written material you've got to be a Phenomenal writer with good Communication skills so i'm probably out So there's a few ways to go about this The most popular most lucrative one is Teaching webinars online courses with Something you're passionate about you Can also have a website that has Information specific to what you're Doing with access granted only for users Who pay a monthly fee a couple other Ways are to sell affiliate marketing Google adsense or have sponsored blog

Posts cinco digital freelancing seems Like there are apps and jobs for every Imaginable thing to do in this world Today want to make some money using your Talents with audio mixing try sound Better or fiverr are you into doing odd Jobs for people or handyman type stuff Then try setting up an account on Thumbtack maybe you're an awesome event Planner you love to get people together Love to put on events weddings birthday Parties kids things whatever try upwork The gig economy is rapidly growing with More people than ever taking on side Jobs second jobs gig jobs any kind of Jobs to make ends meet and better Themselves if you're short on cash some Of these places and things we've Mentioned in this video might be a good Place to start to make a little loot but Don't think that i forgot to talk about Real estate because once you get Situated once the money starts rolling In from your main job your gig job However you get paid you better call us I've mentioned it before we're still the King the maestro the person you should Call when you're ready to buy real Estate we know everything you need to Know and the things that you don't know We know it all so i'll wrap this up with My usual spiel i want you to subscribe i Want you to comment i want you to like The videos or if you've ever seen the

Hunger games and you're from district 3 Especially i will hunt you down i will Find you so don't do that to me don't Make me find out where you live do all Those things watch all these videos and Stay tuned for more coming soon content And until then we'll see you soon cheers [Music] You

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