Tidom Review – Legit Or Scam

Welcome to my Tidom Inc review! If you happen to search online for big-ticket opportunities, you may have read about Tidom. Well, who doesn’t want something that can provide a financial security or stability? But is it really worth considering Tidom as a big-ticket to earn more and gain financial freedom? Let’s get the ball rolling and know more about Tidom.


Tidom Inc. – brilliantly shortened from Time Freedom, is one of the big-ticket opportunity programmes that appear to be all the rage today, or so they would have you believe. There appears to be no specific information about the founder and operator of this program, but plenty of information about the plans and products being offered. Already off to a bad start.

How Tidom MLM system works

Big-ticket opportunities, such as Tidom are exactly what they appear by name – you have to purchase a heftily priced ticket (starting from $2,000 in Tidom) in exchange for the ability to become a representative. The earning opportunity here is inviting other people to purchase membership under your referral.

The return – a total 100% percent. That’s right! If someone joins under you, there is a hefty $2,000 in earning for you. Alongside the representative certificate, Tidom also provides a number of informative courses on personal health (For what reason?) and marketing tools, including a specialized marketing suite to help representatives get started on the earning part. Further, optional marketing features such as calling features are available at monthly subscription. Each level of membership provides greater number of courses and benefits.

The basic membership for joining Tidom is $2,000, though Tidom also charges a one-time commission of $195 for their own service. There are five other plans that get progressively expensive, the final being VIP at $22,000 + $495.Anyone on this package stands to earn $22,000 from each sale. There are no other monthly charges or subscription to sustain a membership.

So, is Tidom legit or scam?

This program certainly appears to work – and has even managed to acquire a number of followers and fans. Regardless, severe caution would be advised against this company given the lack of information regarding the founder and establishment, exactly what are they hiding? It may be advisable to withhold your investment decision for a more transparent organization.

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