Top 7 Side Hustles 2022-2023

Top 7 Side Hustles 2022-2023

βœ…βœ… How to FUND your Start-Up πŸŒ‰πŸ’»πŸ’°πŸ‘‡

βœ… How to 5x your SALES!! πŸ“²πŸ’΅πŸ‘‡

Here are 7 different ways you can potentially make $1,000 in a WEEKEND!
This will not be easy, and may take some time, but if executed properly, you could succeed.

A lot of these suggestions you can start with NO MONEY!

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Hello ladies and gentlemen welcome to Empower multimedia And today we're going to be talking About the seven best Side hustles number one Youtuber youtube's one of the largest Platforms on the market right now and Youtube has been going strong for nearly Two decades now it has become a primary Source of income For numerous content creators on the Platform or at the very least Supplemental income for some of the Creators so for the pros and cons Let's get into the pros so the pros of Youtube is It's already established platform of Billions of users Uh the potential of virality is Definitely there Right and it's a great potential for Passive income Now you don't necessarily have to put Your face on youtube videos that you do There are plenty of Youtubers that you know done more than Well for themselves on the platform and They don't even show you They don't even show their face so some Of the people that are kind of You know worried about that you don't Necessarily have to do that there's Definitely different Avenues to doing youtube some of the

Cons Is cost now you can do youtube With just your cell phone however as Time goes on you do want to reinvest Into your basically your business Operation if you want to take Youtube as a business and you know Invest in things like quality mic A quality camera if you do show your Face or you do Take recordings of some stuff and or Just like Quality software in general now the way To monetize youtube There's several different ways now for Youtube ads You do typically need at least 1 000 Subscribers And 4 000 hours of watch time per year Now in terms of youtube ads you Basically there's different ways to To get money from them either people Watch the ads people click on the ads There's different ways to custom kind of Customize them But youtube ad is definitely a great way To generate income Especially passive income on youtube the Next one is affiliate marketing which is Essentially You either referring or or acting as a Funnel For a particular product or service and If people either click

Will most likely have to buy that Product or service You'll get a small commission and it Would be no added cost to the customers Aka your audience another one is Generating traffic Towards another source of income for Yourself whether that be an e-book A course consulting services things like That And then lastly is kind of sending them Also to maybe like your patreon Or even youtube subscription if you want So there's several different ways Of making money on youtube you don't Need to specifically rely on youtube ads And quite frankly if i were you i would Most likely diversify My income so key points it doesn't Happen overnight It takes quality and consistency Number two influencer marketing now Influencer marketing is one of the most Popular ways Of marketing and being side hustles Uh getting micro or macro influencers Basically micros anyone from 1 000 to 50 000 in my book And macro is anyone from 50 000 or more In terms of following and your goal is To kind of Try to get those type of individuals With a quality following To talk about your brand or another

Company's brand Businesses love getting individuals with A type of following to talk about their Product or service Because it adds as a multiplier effect Now you see the most types of Influencers on instagram Twitter tick tock uh and other Different social platforms right now Pros Pros for being an influencer instagram Twitter tick tock and so on and so forth Other social platforms are very Prominent platforms The potential for virality is definitely There especially for tick tock Tick tock you can go viral doing really Anything It really just depends another good Thing about being an influencer marketer Is you don't necessarily need 50 000 Followers to be Considered an influencer you could be an Influencer for really 3 000 followers as Long as it's Quality people quality i guess Quality uh followers and um you're You're in a very niche market right so Another good pro of it is influencer Marketing Typically should not cost you any money At all unless you i guess spend some Money on advertising But you can do influencer marketing

Without any Uh money to to invest into it some of The cons is Once again this is gonna be recurring Theme it does not Happen over night and also Brands may be difficult to work with Now ways to monetize brand sponsorships Where you get brands You reach out to brands or they reach Out to you kind of formulate deal and You talk about their product or service Another great way is affiliate marketing Which i mentioned earlier Another great way is to drive traffic Towards a Course or ebook consulting services Anything like that So a combination of doing all of this Can definitely drive you At least a thousand dollars in a weekend As you grow and become a more prominent Influencer Number three affiliate marketing So to understand affiliate marketing a Little bit more let's use an example Let's say you're an affiliate Partnership with ebay they're trying to Sell these new Airpod pros and um they're selling the Airpod pros for about like 300 so you as an affiliate must Recommend These airpod pros to people and you know

Usually your fan base And whoever clicks on your link is your Customized link which tracks people So they know that um people came from Your link If people purchase it they get the Airpod pros or 300 No additional cost of them but you get a Small commission because you basically Generated the sale it works like that so Some of the pros Is for affiliate marketing you can Generate significant Income because you can have multiple Affiliate links working for you At one time uh you can put the links Almost anywhere Right and they're also tracked so There's not really uh There's not gonna be really any Confusion of like am i getting my money Because The the companies will track it now some Of the cons Is it's almost it's going to be very Difficult to do well In affiliate marketing if you don't have A fan base so you would have to kind of Generate a fan base If you don't have one or expand your fan Base in order to Kind of generate the audience for Affiliate marketing So ways to monetize of course use your

Failing link And then to kind of sum this up some of The key points Could be a great side hustle for you but You do have to have A van a fan base already created Number four consulting Consulting might be one of the best side Hustles to start you can consult About literally anything from marketing To seo To sales to business management to Mental health To life to construction you could Consult almost on almost anything The only hurdle is showing legitimacy And proving that you are an Expert now once you start um proving That you're an expert you just have to Brand yourself and Kind of be that go-to person for Whatever you do Now you can there's a lot of different Ways you can kind of set up your Consulting business you can make it very Simple Where people just call you paypal they You send them a paypal link And um they pay you you can kind of use A scheduler Uh personally i use calendly i can show You links to cali there's another one Called acuity scheduling which works Pretty well too

Um and you can kind of like integrate Paypal with the time sets people uh want To book with you And you can make sure that you have a Specific rate For each hour per se so that's that's That could be very handy So there's different ways going about it But you don't have to uh Use the scheduling services because the Free services there's no integration But if you do want to pay like the 10 or 15 or 20 a month that they charge Then you can do that but you can Definitely do consulting and it can be a Great Source of passive income now for some of The pros and cons of consulting the pros Is You can generate significant income Because basically You can price yourself like no one's Stopping you from pricing yourself At one thousand dollars an hour or ten Dollars an hour so you make your market But you do want to be competitive with The other People in your niche now in terms of Some of the cons Like i mentioned before you kind of have To show that you are credible And that may not be that difficult to do But you do still have to show Credibility like typically you're not

Going to get that right off the bat Unless you are already verifiable But other than that there's not really That much cons in terms of consulting So be verified you know make sure you Have your documents your legal documents Set And other than that you know the key Points to kind of sum this up is You can start definitely with no money And make this a great side hustle or Even a full-time business so it's really Up to you Now number five creating A blog creating a blog can be an Excellent source of income it doesn't Matter the niche You can do something that you're Passionate about you can make a blog About hair care You can make a blog about marketing seo Consulting social media it really Doesn't matter Now some of the pros and cons of a blog The pros are You can monetize a lot of different ways And some of the ways are basically Mentioned prior in the video Uh there is definitely some virality to It if your blog post does go viral And then it's a great source of Potential passive Income now some of the cons unlike the Other ones i mentioned prior

For a blog it definitely is going to Cost a little bit of money up front Because one you have to pay for your Domain hosting and for your domain slash Hosting you can use Different services like bluehost or WordPress engine It really doesn't matter those are the Ones that i've had experience with and They work great I'll have the link in the description if You do want to purchase them But there are other ones that work just As well now some of the ways you can Monetize uh your your blog is through Google ads Um putting ads actually in the blog While people are scrolling Now the con of that is it can get a Little bit messy if you overdo it Some people don't actually just don't Even want to put ads on the blog because They don't want to make Their blog filled with ads and it kind Of derails the purpose of the blogs After a point but if you have one or two Here there that definitely can Be a nice source of passive income Affiliate marketing Driving traffic to courses ebooks other Services are great way Now the key point about blogs are it's Not going to happen overnight like any Any

Other of these sources of incomes it's Going to take quality and consistency I have a couple of ebooks down below That you can learn about Being a better blogger or or how turning The blog into a source of income So check the link in the description and You can see if you if you're up for that And there's also Going to be a link about affiliate Marketing if you want to learn a little Bit more in depth about how to do that Now in terms of blogging itself if you Don't Want to create your blog yourself even Though i highly recommend it There's a lot of different videos on Youtube which shows you step by step You can go on sites like fiverr and just Outsource it and pay someone 100 200 300 maybe a little bit more um And they make it for you it's that Simple so that that ends up blogging Number six courses Courses are similar to ebooks and the Way that they're an excellent way to Generate passive income because you make It once And it just stays there right so similar To ebooks for a course you're going to Have to have some specialty Or skill set that you're able to teach Someone and if you can bring them Tremendous value

Then they're going to be happy to buy Your course And even refer your course or ebook Right so in terms of courses You can sell your courses on different Platforms like udemy Uh you can um sell your platform up you Can sell your course on platforms like Thinkific There's other ones out there um you Really just pick the ones that you You think is the best those are some of The ones i'm familiar with and i've Gotten courses Off of udemy before they're typically Very cheap Um if you want to learn about udemy and How to use it there's gonna be link in The description about an ebook That that will teach you about it so Some of the pros and cons of A course are one it's great for passive Income right And courses are typically pretty Expensive depending on how you Go about it i've seen some courses range From as cheap as Ten dollars on like on udemy and as much As like three thousand five thousand ten Thousand dollars maybe even more you Know The real estate courses are typically The ones that are more expensive from What i've seen

But they do they can get pretty hefty Which means you don't need that many Sales to make a lot of money uh but in Terms of Pros great source of income some of the Cons Typically you're gonna have to spend a Lot of time creating a course And you're probably gonna have to pay Someone to edit it unless you have those Skill sets Yourself in terms of another cost you're Gonna have to Typically pay um the platform that you Hosted on To post your course right so that's Another cost And then you're gonna have to pay for Advertising clearly unless you know Unless you already have a A sufficient fan base but you still Might want to advertise your course just To really make it Uh have a chance to be successful so key Points Once again it's not going to happen Overnight and it's going to take some Quality time For you to get an audience in order to For you to sell the course Uh and they're gonna you're gonna have To really build up the trust to sell a Course Now seven last but not least it's a

Notary signing Agent now notary signing agent is a Great Way for you to create a source of income It's basically a notary And in order for you to be a notary Exciting agent you must be a notary so a Notary is a prerequisite of a notary Signing agent And once you're assigning agent you can Set appointments or kind of Try to book appointments to specialize In loan documents for real estate And you can earn up to 150 to 200 per Appointment For notarizing loan documents right So that's how if you can do maybe four Or five of them um In the weekend which may not be that Difficult some people do four or five a Day Right it really depends how good you are In that field Uh you can easily make one thousand Dollars a weekend with this As a service so the way you kind of want To learn More about being a notary is the National notary association i have a Link in the description It tells you all about how to get Started you can contact them And they're definitely going to try to Help you move forward along the process

Just be careful though they're Definitely going to try to sell you Things So do your research and see what you Really need and Not need right so in terms of the pros And cons Pros great source of potential income And you can scale it into a signing Service and get notaries to actually Work on your behalf That's when we're in a winning spot Right where you can get people to do the Work for you Now in terms of the cons um you must Definitely pay for your notary license Your Signing agent license get insurance Another cost is You probably gonna have to get a dual Trade printer which is highly Recommended And then you're gonna potentially you Know Have to spend money for traveling gas Things like that And you have to be aware that being a Notary you could potentially get sued if You do mess up which is why you have Insurance so Keep that in mind but it's easy how you Can monetize as you get paid for your Service Key points is you're gonna have to

Really learn to craft And then once you learn to craft you Know Relationship build and look for escrow Officers real estate agents and kind of Build build a relationship with them so They can feed your business Now this sums up seven best side hustles That you can do to make a thousand Dollars on the weekend And these are in my opinion some of the Best side hustles you can do in general Because it can be a great source of Passive income Now if that being said this is empower Multimedia we teach you about how to Maximize your time in college How to learn about entrepreneurship so Maybe one day you can be your own boss This is carl i'm signing off if you like The video please Like comment and subscribe thank you

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