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Trump Network 1

Snapshot – The Trump Network

  • The Trump Network created by real estate mogul and T.V personality Donald Trump.
  • Started in 2009.
  • The Trump network is an MLM wellness company.
  • Claims to be one of the most “generous” compensation plan in the industry.
  • The company is not saturated with an overwhelming amount of products.
  • The investment opportunity comes with a $497.
The Trump Network
The Trump Network

The Product

Being a wellness company, The Trump Network specializes in disposable products.   Trump hired a team of scientists, physicians, and clinical nutritionists to create the line of products to improve health.  One such product is Priva Test, a product to help you determine which nutrients that each individual is personally missing.  The company also has their own line of health food, cosmetics and vitamins/minerals, weight loss product etc…

The Trump Network Compensation Plan

It’s a basic MLM plan with levels and commissions.  You start off by making $100 for every FastStart account you open ($497).  Plus, you can take advantage of bonuses as you move up the ranks. Howver, the bonuses have a “compound interest” system to it.  For example, if you were at Gold status you can make a $10 bonus for every person one of your personal enrolls.  However, if you were given the same scenario but at Platinum status, you make $60 bonus plus an extra $10 from your previous Gold status.  Plus you’re allowed to make money on a limitless amount of levels.

Final Thoughts on The Trump Network

Everything seems great on paper.  Donald Trump does seem sincere in helping others help themselves with this opportunity.  Since his version of this company only started less than a year ago (He bought out Ideal Health), its’ really still too early to tell.  However, having “The Donald” as the figure head and his reputation for success, this could be a longevity company.

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