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About Viridian Energy

Many multi level marketing (MLM) companies continue to emerge on a yearly basis. The popularity of home-based businesses as a source of alternative income, and sometimes as the only source of income, has been increasing. Many people are beginning to consider MLM companies as their possible stepping stone to achieving financial freedom. This article will feature unbiased information about Viridian Energy.

The Viridian Energy Company

viridian energyViridian Energy is a relatively young MLM company that was established in March 2009. It is a company that provides an alternative supply of energy to consumers in the following areas: Connecticut, Maryland, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. It is now the biggest third party supplier of energy in New Jersey. The company prides itself on being 100% green. The main goal of Viridian Energy is to provide affordable green electricity, at the same time, giving their customers and independent associates the opportunity to make a positive difference in the both the environment and their personal lives. The green electricity they provide is more affordable than that provided by other companies because they have kept their profit at a minimum. The primary vision of Viridian Energy is embodied by their slogan, “Power with Purpose.”

Viridian Energy upholds five core values. A dedication to environmental sustainability is the guiding force behind their commitment to providing a greener product to consumers. The company also places value on empowering their independent associates, giving them the chance to help the environment while making their lives better. Viridian Energy provides a reliable source of energy and upholds integrity in all aspects of their business. The last core value of the company is customer focus. They seek to provide easily accessible and useful service to all their clients.

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The Renewable Portfolio Standards that have been adopted by many states require suppliers of electricity to use clean energy sources in providing a minimum amount of their electricity. As proof of their commitment to a green environment, Viridian Energy goes at least 20% beyond the minimum requirements of every state they operate in. The energy sources they harness are solar and wind power.


The Viridian Energy Products

Viridian Energy offers two types of products to choose from. The first option is the Everyday Green rate plan. This plan provides commercial and residential customers a chance to enjoy 20% renewable energy from local, top quality sources. This is the easy and affordable way of buying green electricity. With the Everyday Green rate plan, customers are doing their share in helping the environment while enjoying great savings on their electric bill.

The other electricity product that Viridian Energy offers is the Pure Green rate plan, which is the 100% renewable energy option. This option uses purely wind power and is Green-e certified. Green-e Energy is a certification program for renewable energy that is purely voluntary. It is being handled by Center for Resource Solutions (CRS), a national nonprofit organization that promotes sustainable energy. Receiving a Green-e certification means that the generator used to produce Viridian Energy's renewable energy was built in 1997 or onwards and that the renewable energy they offer goes beyond what law requires or mandates. By providing consumers the opportunity to purchase their Green-e certified product, Viridian Energy is also giving their customers the chance to support the production of renewable energy in the United States.

The benefits provided by Viridian Energy products are two-fold. They provide benefits for both the consumer and the environment. Consumers get to enjoy the benefits of waived enrollment fees, versatile product options, and quick and easy online enrollment. The environment, on the other hand, is preserved and protected because of the reduction of the impact associated with electricity consumption.

The available Viridian Energy products may vary between different states. Their official website provides a quick and easy way to view the available options in a customer's particular location.

The Viridian Energy Compensation Plan

Aside from giving their customers a chance to make a positive impact on the environment, Viridian Energy also offers them a unique business opportunity. It offers them a chance to establish their own home-based business, which could help them earn residual income and in time, help them reach their financial goals.

The opportunity to earn with Viridian Energy is simple and easy. By signing up to become a Viridian associate, a person can start earning each time he is able to sign a customer. The associate earns a certain amount for every month that the customer he signed up continues to purchase Viridian Energy products. The opportunity for residual income starts here. In addition, each associate also earns each time he is able to sponsor others to become Viridian associates themselves. When an associate he sponsored gets customers, he will also be earning income from those customers. This is the main reason why there is unlimited income potential with Viridian Energy.

This business opportunity has several unique advantages. It does not require an exorbitant initial investment. Viridian associates do not need to buy and stock up on inventory. There are no compulsory monthly financial dues. Each associate will be able to spend as little or as much time he wants on his business. The extent to which his business will grow is ultimately dependent on how much time and effort he chooses to spend nurturing his business.

Viridian Energy is able to offer a very rewarding compensation plan to Viridian associates because the corporate budget that they would have used on traditional advertising is instead reinvested into their associates. Through a concerted team effort, everyone who is part of Viridian Energy benefits.

Viridian Energy is seen by a lot of people as a viable option when it comes to home-based businesses. The products are unquestionably top caliber. Little selling is required because the demand for green electricity is continuously increasing. More and more people are looking for ways to make use of renewable sources of energy. The fact that Viridian Energy products allow them to help the environment while saving themselves money makes Viridian Energy very attractive to consumers, while the opportunity to earn in the process is a nice bonus.

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  1. Viridian Energy offers high-quality and affordable renewable energy products that are better for the environment.

  2. Viridian Energy provides greener electricity at an affordable price, allowing customers and independent Associates to make a difference in the environment and their personal lives simply by switching energy providers.I give 4/5 rating

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