Viviane Skin Care Review


The Rundown On Viviane Skin Care

  • Viviane Skin Care  launched in 1958, over 50 years ago.
  • They deal in skin care health products women's and men's line.

Viviane Skin Care

The Leaders of Viviane Skin Care

Viviane was started by two men by the names of Ernie Bridgeman and Gordon Woodward – a chemist and businessman respectively.

Eventually the Spitzer family took over the company and Jack Spitzer serves as the Chairman of the Board while his wife Kathleen Spitzer serves as the company's C.E.O.

As for the leaders in Viviane, there aren't many current, heavy hitter names you're used to hearing when it comes to home business opportunities but their website showcases some of their more veteran distributors such as Grace Putt, Myrtle Royse and Gloria Husting.

The Products of Viviane Skin Care

“Moistrio” is a three-step cleansing system that serves as the company's figure head product. This is a water based formula that Ernie Bridgeman discovered, understanding that it was water, not oil that is the key to healthier and more youthful looking skin.

In addition, Viviane carry a wide range of toners, cleansers, moisturizers, a clean finish system, a men's skin care line, ageless beauty products, serums, skin enhancements and a line called “Vintage Viviane”.

The company stays true to their roots but also incorporates new cosmetic technology in order to grow and improve.

The Viviane Skin Care Compensation Plan

There are two ways to get involved with the Viviane opportunity. One way costs $149.00 that gets you a Business Starter Display Kit and a $299.00 investment will give you the Business Builder Display Kit. In addition, you'll also get a marketing website and a regular newsletter with important company information. With that said, with Viviane there are eight different ways to earn and or save money.

There is of course personal retail sales commission that earns you 35% on any personal retail sales a distributor sell.

There are four different types of bonuses that can earn you on the low end 5% commission and or $75 extra cash. On the high end, you can earn an extra $150 in your pocket. These bonuses include “Sponsoring”, “Mentoring”, “Consistency” and “Expense” bonuses.

There are two different types of “overrides” such as “Team Volume” and “Promotion” that determine how deep you can earn.

There is also a Business Credit Supply which means you can earn 5% on any retail orders that will go toward your own personal purchases for supplies each month.

Final Thoughts on Viviane Skin Care

The biggest plus for this company is that it's been around for over 50 years – that is absolutely incredible for a home-based business opportunity or a “conventional” business for that matter. It's nice to see there are not completely stuck in their ways and they are open to using new cosmetic technology. I also like that at any level, you start earning a 35% commission on your sales. Many MLM companies will not start you off at that high commission figure.

However, every company has some negativity to it and there are a few here. Some much bigger names such as Mary Kay start you off at a 50% commission (although there isn't anything lower than their $300 initial investment like Viviane).

Another strike for this company is that their marketing strategy is that they encourage you to approach family and friends and hold Viviane parties. This type of strategy does have value, especially since it's a type of product that does require more one on one face time than a downloadable information product, but at some point your warm market will dry up and the company doesn't seem to have a contingency plan for that.

There aren't many reviews or information pushing the company and products alone which tells me that this is a company that is more of a supplemental income opportunity rather than replace your J.O.B. income. I suppose you can replace your J.O.B. income but you would have to seriously hustle and holding Viviane parties won't cut it. Plus, you're also competing with other skin care companies like Mary Kay, Avon and Arbonne. Even MLM companies that are into the health industry are pushing their own skin care lines so that is also something you need to consider when assessing the competition. I found a lot of reviews that have a little self promotion by the author at the end on how to generate leads online which tells me their trying to sell Viviane or anybody in any opportunity on a product they're marketing.

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  1. Actually I’m really looking for a good beauty and skin care products that can help me take care my skin because I want to looks younger and beautiful and I hope Viviane is effective on me.

    1. I haven’t used Viviane personally, but speaking generally, products from network marketing companies are usually much higher in quality than products sold through traditional distribution chains like drug stores and department stores.

      Another reason they tend to work better, is often they have better innovation in their products.

      After you use Viviane, please report back on your results with the Viviane skin creme line of products.

      1. It is best to have the legit place to order such original ones from the qualified distributor themselves.
        I have also tried contacting them via test products for reviews. There are also ways of getting such freebies yet very of high quality. There some though imitations.
        Just to be safe, take on products from qualified distributors.

        I love your review here and amazed at how you interact with us commentators.
        Have a pleasant day ahead. 🙂

  2. I started out as a consultant for Viviane Woodard, became a Distributor Rarissama with consultants all over N. Alabama. Loved the product, Loved the Company, I am 90 years old but my skin still looks great.
    Great memories of past years with this wonderful product and their
    management. Lois Stephens

    1. Hi Lois,
      Tell me more about the management team in place on Viviane Woodard. We’d love more details or information. What, specifically, makes this product to special in your opinion?

  3. I have been a client of Viviane woodard for over 45 years. I am 80 years old. The original viviane woodard was a fantastic product. All the different companys that have bought Viviane Woodard have changed the formula. My eyes get red and burned feeling, my skin doesn’t have the softness or moisture of the original product.
    My proof I had a boxed set of VW Moistrio in my reserve refrigerator and it has proved to be soothing & moist to my skin. WHAT HAPPENED? to the original formula?

    1. Hi Lois. Thank you for sharing your results using Viviane Woodard. If anyone has any more details on how and why the forumla was changed, please let us know.

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