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Votre Vu Review 1

The Rundown On Votre Vu

  • The founders of Votre Vu are Harold Zimmerman who is also Chairmen and C.E.O and Dave Proctor
  • Started in 2007 but didn’t launch until August of 2008
  • The company is based on a family of make-up artisans from France who’ve been creating and perfecting skin and hair care products for close to a century.
  • Votre Vu specialize in higher end skin care but also have health drinks and a men’s line, all geared toward great skin health and overall health.

The Leaders of Votre Vu

As mentioned above, the man running the show is Harold Zimmerman who serves as Chairman and C.E.O. of the company.  However, some of the more successful distributors are Lynn Gosslin and Emily Charron who is featured on the Facebook Fan Page of Votre Vu.
Although not considered leaders or even directly involved with the company itself, it has been documented in the press that celebrity stars such as Emma Roberts and Melora Diane Harden use the Votre Vu products, which says something about their effectiveness.

The Products
votre vuVotre Vu is a skin and hair care company that also has some products for health.  As the marketing goes, these are products made from France by a family of make-up artisans that have been creating a perfecting these products for almost a century.  They are all natural ingredients.

As mentioned earlier, they try to distinguish themselves from the other skin and hair care companies out there like Avon or Mary Kay, as a higher/red carpet luxury line.

Votre Vu have over 70 products that also include products for men, however after extensive research it seems that the there are four or five really popular products that are Toute Le Monde Antioxidant Eye Gelee (an eye gel/crème), Best Regards Laid Pour Le Visage (an anti aging make-up remover/cleanser), Au Revois – Trouble Spot Treatment (Acne treatment), Duette Luxe Lip Balm & Hand Crème (moisterizer) and SnapDragon ( a beauty beverage for the skin which is the only product not made in France).

The Votre Vu Compensation Plan

To become a part of Votre Vu, you have one of 3 ways to get in.
One, you can enter by purchasing the Personal Shopper Pak which holds over $100 worth of products for $69.  The second way is to purchase the StartMeUp Pak which is $400 worth of products for $199.  The third way is to get in the Premium StartMeUp Pak which is a $1,000 worth of products for $399.  You have to join one of two higher priced levels to become a distributor.

There are 5 ways to make money: retail profit, fast start bonuses, team cycle bonuses, matching cycle bonuses and a lifestyle bonus.

This must all be done on a binary system.

Final Thoughts on Votre Vu

One of the first things you learn in business is how to stand out from the crowd.  Although, there are companies out there that promote a higher end brand, not all of them can back it up with documented celebrity use of their products like Votre Vu.  It’s also a thing to have a men’s line in the age of metrosexuals.

Although they are a member of the DSA, they really are a multi-level marketing company trying to mask themselves as a direct selling company.  Let’s make it clear, in this industry, the term “direct sales” isn’t when the product goes from manufacturer to consumer but rather if you are getting paid out once at a time.  Votre Vu is on a binary system which makes them a multi-level marketing company.

But with that said, the products are top of the line, it’s an affordable investment and I would not classify it as a scam business by any means.  But like all companies, they only way to make money is if you know how to market your business and create leads’ yourself, especially online.

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