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About the Company Waiora

Waiora was founded during 2004 and the company mainly involves in building multi level marketing (MLM) of a series of anti-aging products for more than 130 years.  Waiora have been successful in the world of network marketing helping many to build a successful business to achieve their financial goals. There are several plans that are lucrative to the participants, who look to earn the extra money by working few hours a week. The business model of Waiora has also contributed to a wide range of aging population, job opportunities, healthcare, and financial goals of many.

waioraWaiora focuses on aging process and health aspects using related science to increase the lifespan of people. The products of Waiora assure multiple supplements of nutrients in liquid form. The common ingredients in these supplements comprise of; green tea, acai berry, bamboo leaf extract, etc. EDN is one of the top selling products of Waiora and is widely popular around the world.

We are here to take a detailed look at the company, products and the plans that are offered by the company.

Range of Products from Waiora

For centuries, it has been a great challenge for the humankind to find the secret to remain young and Waiora has unlocked the secrets behind this mystery. The secrets of little steps on a daily basis to retrieve the mobility of joints and bones, to remove the toxins of your body, maintain health eyesight, and for the best performance of your heart and brain have been made simple and easy to retain your youthful look.

Waiora prides in the product formulations not only for the efficacy and uniqueness but also for the detailed care on every aspect of the blends and ingredients involved in their products. The range of products from Waiora contributes in fighting four key contributors of aging such as; toxic overload, aging organs and systems, nutritional deficiency, and free radical damage.

The finest and rare ingredients include; Agaricul Blazei mushroom that belong to the rainforests; the goji berry of Himalayas; zeolites of the volcanoes; kaolin clay of China, and the search continues to offer the best in the market.

AgariGold With H1X1

This product of Waiora contains an innovative formula that offers all the essential nutrients for an active and healthy life. The process of creation involves a 10-stage extraction, which captures more than 100 nutrients from the 2 core ingredients; Sasa Bamboo leaf extract and H1X1, which is the most powerful Agaricus mushroom in the entire world. AgariGold with H1X1 generates a powerhouse of ingredients to be absorbed easily in the body to maintain and sustain a healthy lifestyle.

EDN Liquid Nutritional Supplement

EDN of Waiora is known to be the most popular and powerful liquid supplement of nutrition throughout the world. It offers the perfect blend of over 150 most essential nutrients that include; antioxidants, minerals, rare herbs, whole-food fruits, trace minerals, all essential fatty acids, amino acids, and enzymes. The great news is, all these rich nutrients are offered in each ounce of the EDN liquid. It is a complete solution for every requirement of a body to stay healthy, energetic, and increase immunity.

This single product is considered to be the powerhouse of the comprehensive supplier of the essential nutrients balanced optimally. The special formula of EDN is created to enable easy digestion regardless of the age and this enables total absorption into the body.

Natural Cellular Defense

Toxins accumulated in the body are the major cause of major diseases and aging. Waiora prides in offering that unique product in the market, which removes all the toxins and heavy metals from the human system. The natural cellular defense undergoes a patented activation and filtration process to ensure purity in its highest form and thus balances the pH levels of the body.

Chava Vital Chocolate

The Chava vital chocolate of Waiora has an intense flavor with a smooth finish and serves as the powerhouse of antioxidants. The 70% organic cacao is filled with chocolate extract to please the soul along with providing the antioxidants.

In addition to the feel-good tastes of this dark cacao, this product boasts high levels of natural aldimines, which contributes in enhancing mood, energy, and health.

Essential Heart Complex

Waiora also contributes to heart care through this heart complex product, which provides the complete mineral-vitamin combination required for a healthy heart. The key ingredients include; CoQ10; vitamins E and C; folic acid; L-arginine; B12; B6; Taurine; Hawthorne berry, etc., to support the vascular system.

Omega 3 Fish Oil

Omega-3 contributes to the reduced risk of coronary heart disease. Since the human body is incapable of producing this naturally, this supplement from Waiora takes care of the heart, brain, joint, vision, and skin.

Superior Fiber Blend

This product provides the rich fiber content that highly acts as an anti-aging tool by releasing the strain on the gall bladder, liver, and bowel problems. It also addresses major issues such as; colitis, diabetes, arteriosclerosis, varicose veins, etc. It offers weight loss and takes care of the cardiovascular health issues.

This superior fiber blend of Waiora is a natural fiber drink, with a gluten-free formula, which includes ingredients such as; insulin, sugarcane fiber, carrot fiber, and much more.

WaiFIT Meal Replacement

As the name suggests, this product of Waiora contributes to the weight loss by balancing the protein, carbohydrates, and builds lean muscle, maintain insulin levels and immune system, and enhancing energy levels along with decreasing appetite.

Waiora's Compensation Plan

The main objectives of the Waioria comp plan easy to understand, rewards performance, and a balanced opportunity for the part-time and full-time distributors.

The Waiora compensation plans has a reward trip and seven phases.

They are; retail profits, customer rebates, FastStart, PaceSetter bonus program, monthly organizational commissions, Ruby growth bonus, Emerald growth bonus, and global Diamond bonus.

Retail Profits; Distributors earn retail profits based on the purchased products at the retail market as well as products procured by distributors on wholesale and sold on retail.

Customer Rebates; The main business is built by selling products and Waiora provides an efficient program for this. Customers sign up and order products directly from the company and the distributors are rewarded for the same based on the order size.

FastStart; This provides immediate rewards for the sale of products and for building distributor organization. The payment is done bi-weekly and the rewards are based on the volume, personal volume (PV), and volume from the people enrolled under an individual.

PaceSetter Bonus Program; A distributor qualifies for this programs if:
He is a PaceSetter who has placed order of 500 CV or more every month;He has a minimum 100 PVHe enrolls 5 distributors with 100 PV each.

Monthly Organizational Commissions

Every distributor qualifies one of 6 ranks every month end based on the structure and size of his organization. One is ranked in the following manner according to the qualification he has earned;
Bronze; 100 PV, no organization, primary earnings generated from 1-4 of the plan.Silver; 100 PV, 300 Organizational Volume (OV) in the initial level and 5% on first level.Gold; 100 PV, two legs with one silver distributor within the first 5 levels of each leg, 1,000 OV in the first 3 levels, and earn of 3 levels of volume; 7%, 8%, and 10%.Rub; 100 PV, two legs with gold distributor in the first 3 levels of each leg, 5,000 OV, and earn on 5 levels of volume; 3%, 5%, 7%, 8%, and 10%.Emerald; 200 PV, three legs with ruby distributor in first 7 levels of each leg, 30,000 OV in first 7 levels of volume; 1%, 3%, 4%, 5%, 7%, 8%, and 10%.Diamond; 200 PV, three legs of emerald distributor in first 9 levels of each leg, 150,000 OV in first 9 levels of volume and earn; 1%, 2%, 3%, 4%, 5%, 6%, 7%, 8%, and 10%.

Other than this, there are ruby, emerald, and diamond growth bonuses based on various criterion.

Wiaora offers the top performer's reward trip twice a year to the top performers to recognize the outstanding business building activities. There are 3-nights, 4-day trips with luxurious accommodation, airfare, and exciting events of several top destinations.

Waiora Summary

The sky is the limit to the earning potentials and health benefits that Waiora has to offer.

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