Xango Review

Xango Review 1
  • Xango is a health and wellness company based in Utah and established in 2002.
  • Their founders are Gary Hollister, Aaron Garrity, Joe Morton, Gordon Morton, Kent Wodd and Bryan Davis
  • They are an MLM company that uses the matrix like system
  • The product and opportunity is available in a multitude of countries
  • $35 membership fee plus 100PV to 200PV purchase every month depending on your status with the company.
Xango Business Opportunity

The Product

It is a health and wellness company.  Largely known for their Xango Juice (mangosteen), they also have plenty of other health products including a skin care line, meal packs and other disposable products.  Their leading brand Xango Juice, is rich in vitamins and have lots of antioxidant ingredients.

The Xango Compensation Plan

As stated, it is an MLM that works the matrix system.  They work on a 6 levels wide, 9 levels deep payment plan.   The commission ranges from 5% to 10% but compress all 9 levels and it equals up to 47% commission.  They also have bonuses that their distributors can take advantage of.

Final Thoughts

Another wellness company marketing their products in an already extremely saturated health industry.  However, there appears to be no significant negative press or comments made on the taste of their products especially their figure head product Xango Juice.  The company have also done extremely well and have the marketing and packaging to appeal to a wide demographic.

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  1. Xango is a terrific company with great leaders. The founders are and most of the distributors are caring and compassionate. Compensation plan is the best in the Industry and the products are all “Green,” safe, and they do what they say they will do. Before any commission check is cut 7% of the profits are donated to help various programs to help children and others in need of help. Best of all, everyone has an equal chance to do well based on their own hard work. It’s NetWORKING not Nethoping or Netwishing.

  2. Gary Young in 1993, with its global headquarters currently in Lehi, Utah.

    And, until recently, the xanthone-packed power of the
    mangosteen has been one of nature’s best-kept secrets.
    They’re a great hit with women all over; who can ever have enough cosmetics and containers.

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