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Xyngular Review – Finally a Truly Impartial Third Party Review of Xyngular

Are you wondering about the Xyngular business opportunity and whether or not it’s for you, or more importantly…worth your time?  Read our Xyngular review to find out.  Let's get started!

Most likely somebody either online or off has approached you about this opportunity, and so you’re doing some research into the company. That’s great because you’d be surprised how many people just jump into opportunities that they know very little about.

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What’s most important though is that you make sure you get a neutral review, rather than one that’s biased and written by someone trying to recruit you into the company. I have nothing to do with Xygular.  I’m not or have never been a distributor for them, and will not gain anything one way or the other.

Here is the company overview from Xyngular:


Xyngular Review – The Company

Xyngular was launched back in the beginning of December of 2009. The company is headquartered in American Fork, Utah.

The founder of the company, Marc Walker, was the V.P. of Operations in a very successful company called Xango. He’s been in the industry for over 20 years. The whole executive team over at Xyngular has a ton of network marketing experience, which is always a good thing when you’re looking for an opportunity to join.

Xyngular has created the company around their premiere product Xyngular Global Blend, which is a nutritional beverage combining a merge of super fruits, key antioxidant pre-cursors, as well as herbal adaptogens.

Other products within their product catalog, such as Xyng, help boost energy and control your appetite. Besides just overall health, it seems that Xyngular has shifted toward a weight loss element and people seem to be having some great things to say about these products.

Xyngular Review – The Management Team

As mentioned before, Marc Walker is the Founder and President of Xyngular.

Along with him is his C.O.O. Glen Oliver. Glen Oliver is a twenty year veteran of network marketing himself, building network marketing companies all over the world during that time. He specializes in international business, and is actively working to expand Xyngular in these international markets.

With these two network marketing veterans at the helm, this gives Xyngular a very good chance of great growth in an industry where surviving the first five years is actually rare.

The Xyngular Products – Are These Simply More “Me Too” Products?

xyngular reviewXyingular seems to be pretty adamant about creating quality products.

Their product catalog consists of their proprietary blend of nutrition products. They’ve grown their catalog since they’ve started, with their premier product being the previously mentioned Xyngular Global Blend. Global Blend is a beverage product which is not only healthy, but apparently has won thirty-seven of forty blind taste tests against companies such as Mona vie, Xango, Tahitian and Nori Mandura.

Their Core4 is a nutritional mix developed to support optimal weight in four separate ways…

•    Lean Tissue Health
•    Calorie Control
•    Metabolic Boost
•    Detoxification and Cleansing

The product Xyng is meant to increase your energy, speed up your metabolism, and make you more alert…of course done through all natural and safe ingredients.

Here are some real success stories from the Xyngular product line:


And then there’s the line of weight loss products, which people are seeming to see some great results from according to my research on the internet. The Ignite Pack of products is basically a package of all the Xyngular products in one easy to use and easy to consume system, so that you or your product customers can start losing weight quickly…having everything needed to succeed in one convenient spot.

Xyngular Compensation Plan – How Do You Make Money in Xyngular?

So the best thing about Xyngular is certainly their compensation plan. It appears to be one that has a lot of potential for making a nice income, even for the newer of the representatives.

In essence the plan is based on a more uni-level type of plan which is proving with a few companies as of late to be much more lucrative for distributors.

With this particular plan there is a single straight line leg feature. The beauty of this, which is getting a lot of interest, is that it allows newer distributors to start earning quickly due to spillover from the top. With this structure, everyone gets to benefit from the company’s overall unified efforts. Not to mention that with a single leg, nobody has the potential danger of getting stuck in a dead leg. Nor do you have to drive yourself crazy trying to build two legs at once.

This company pays out commissions on a daily basis which many people like, and they also provide their top producers with great bonuses such as vacations and many other incentives.

With Xyngular you get five ways to earn which are through Retail Profits; 8 levels of Residual Earnings; Four levels of Rapid Rewards; 12% Corporate Sales Pools for Leaders; Quick Start Bonuses.

All in all… the compensation plan is definitely one of the stronger in the industry today for earning.

Xyngular Review – Is It A Good Opportunity?

Of course what you came here to find out is whether or not the Xyngular opportunity is a good one, and whether or not you should commit your time and effort into making this work.

This one does seem to have some great potential. Unfortunately it hasn’t had that breakout success that many like to see. However that doesn’t always mean that it’s a dud of a company…in fact it could mean that the company has poised itself to be around for the long haul.

Certainly the management seems to know what they’re doing and what they want, and the compensation plan that they’ve put together seems to indicate that what they really want are successful and happy distributors.

I would say that if you’re strong at recruiting and getting business leads then this business could be very profitable for you, and really you could still consider it a ground floor opportunity.

Xyngular – How To Guarantee Your Success If You Join

The problem is that most people don’t have a clue as to how to get leads…nor do they have any sort of systems in place…or know-how…of how to close the leads they get.

Talking to friends, family, neighbors, check out cashiers…and hanging signs on fence posts… are usually what cause distributors to fail quickly, and quit early.

If you’d like to see how to do it differently and actually learn to collect literally hundreds of leads per day online like I’m currently doing in my business, then visit my FREE 60-Day Marketing Course.

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  1. This product causes your blood to thin. Caused severe bruising to my entire body and caused my platelets not to function! Sure seems like an unhealthy way to lose weight. In the long run what else is it doing to your body because it isn’t regulated by the FDA and I saw no warning labels on the product even though they emailed me that I should have consulted with my doctor if I had any medical issues. Well I had no medical issues with my blood until I took this product! I was also told by the ER that this can damage the liver. Buyer be careful! In the short term this product works but in the long run what is it doing to your health?

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