Zamzuu Review


The Rundown On ZamZuu

  •  ZamZuu is a multi-level marketing business opportunity
  • They are an online shopping portal that has 700 brand name stores on their list.
  • It is the re-packaged version of Your Travel Biz (YTB)


The ZamZuu Leaders

As mentioned above, ZamZuu appears looks to be and is believed by most (if not by all) to be a re-packaged version of Your Travel Biz that was started by Lloyd “Coach” Tomer, his son Scott Tomer and Kim Sorensen. ZamZuu is not a very transparent company which you can tell by going to their official website @ , however if you do some real digging it appears that Lloyd “Coach” Tomer is still running the show.

In terms of actual business building leaders, you may casually hear the names of Juliette St. John and Phyllis Nash when trying to do your research on the company.

The ZamZuu Products

It is a shopping portal with 700 brand name stores on their list of places where you can purchase goods. From, cars to travel to restaurants…they pretty much have everything covered. Wal-Mart and Best Buy is among their top retail store names in which you can do you’re shopping online.

The ZamZuu Compensation Plan

There are 3 ways to get involved and make some money.
First, you can join absolutely free as a free agent and earn 30% commission paid to ZamZuu plus cash back from retail purchases.

The second way is to pay a one-time $99.95 fee plus from your second month on, pay a $49.95 monthly fee to be a Broker. The value with this is that when you recruit free agents you get matching commissions from what the people you refer are able to earn.

The third way is purchasing a Z-Kit that goes for $399.95. You can only purchase this if you are a broker with the company. With this you can try many products from the 700 stores that sell goods through the ZamZuu portal. According to some reviews, the rebates that come with this kit more than makes up the $400 price tag.

Of course there are also some leadership bonuses you can take advantage of as well. In terms of actual payout percentages together with real pay and bonus pay, your commission can be as low as 5% to as high as 50%.

Final Thoughts on ZamZuu

The deal with Your Travel Biz is that they were accused and were ruled legally by the state of California and Illinois that they were a “pyramid scheme” – that no one who was involved with that company was making any real money (the business builders became travel agents).

If you do some real deep digging you’ll see that the compensation plan for ZamZuu is similar to the one of YTB and even in some locations on the ‘net, you can see ZamZuu and YTB still being associated with each other. You can even still buy into YTB. No matter what company, there will be red flags but this red flag on ZamZuu seems to take it to another level. I can imagine it would be difficult to promote this company since it’s so easy for people to do research nowadays. When you do research on ZamZuu, you’ll see YBT right next to it.

On a good note, those who are involved seem very enthusiastic about it however this appears to be more of a newbie/get your feet wet in the business type of opportunity. I cannot see any heavy hitters in the industry, at the very least, using ZamZuu opportunity to build another significant income stream.

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