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Blake MallenBlake Mallen is best known for being one of the co-founders and Chief Marketing Officer of Visalus Sciences.

Blake Mallen's Biography

Blake Mallen is an writer, an angel investor, a speaker and an entrepreneur however his story starts off as being the son of a Police Officer and a Principal.

Blake Mallen studied B.S. political science with an emphasis in public law and a minor in psychology. He spent 3 years in post secondary education graduating at UCSD. However, he did not make his mark in the business world until he joined a direct sales company in the telecommunications industry. He was very successful becoming the youngest top producing sales rep for the company. Unfortunately for the company, it started to experience financial crisis but the incident led him to his next and current business venture with Visalus Sciences.

If you haven’t heard about Visalus, they are a multi-level marketing company that promotes weight loss/management, balanced nutrition and overall optimal health. Blake Mallen is one of the co-founder of Visalus Sciences along with Ryan Blair and Nick Sarnicola. It’s a company that is valued at an estimated to be a $100 million. They partnered up with Path Connect Inc. which is an interactive media company for brands that leverage online social network trends, user-generated content and 2.0 web technology and is also a subsidiary of Visalus.

Here is a video of Blake Mallen speaking about his current company Visalus Sciences:

Aside from being a co-founder of Visalus, his role in the company is that of Chief Marketing Officer. He is responsible for developing new tools and techniques for sales and distribution for the company sales reps. He also oversees the incentive programs for Visalus that include The Bimmer Club and The Vi-Cruise.

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