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David Sharpe Review:

About David Sharpe:

David Sharpe ReviewDavid Sharpe is a former construction worker and at the time this was written he is only about a year and a bit removed from the time he first joined the network marketing industry. Within six months of joining David Sharpe was able to quit his job and work from home full-time His break out company came with My Lead System Pro, which he joined in June of 2010 and even became member of the month 6 months later.

He didn’t achieve success right away because like most, he lost a lot of money investing in courses, trying to learn the tricks of the trade. He did finally come out of his funk and figured it and in doing so became one of the few who can call themselves a self-taught internet marketer. He states that his income is as high as $10,000 a week and in some cases a little more.

He is one of the promoter of the MLSP marketing system.

Since then in addition to building organizations and recruiting, he’s also an affiliate marketer, speaker, a coach and course/product creator. One of his bigger creations came in the form of a course called Total Launch Control. This is a webinar that can show you how to build a team of 1,000 reps, make 163 sales in one week with no cold calling or affiliate marketing and much more by using only one skill that is not prospecting, online traffic generation, web design or phone skills.

David Sharpe, David Wood & The Empower Network Project

Another one of his big projects which happens to be his latest one which David Sharpe created with fellow network marketing master David Wood, is the Empower Network. The Empower Network is a program that shows you how to use blogging, funnel systems and other marketing tools that David Wood and David Sharpe have used in the past which have brought them success. The big buzz around this however is that someone marketing this program will receive 100% commission. The company launched on Halloween 2011. David Sharpe has a lot of tools and his happy to teach anyone who’s willing to learn but his best attribute is that his skills are current and knows where the marketing trends will be going in the future.

David Sharpe is best known for being an internet marketing guru and a top salesman in the industry. Here is a video of him talking about increasing your call back rates from prospecting.

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Update: David Sharpe has split from David Wood and they are no longer working together.

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/DavidSharpeTV

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