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Larry Oxenham

Larry Oxenham Lazy WealthLarry Oxenham AKA Lazy Wealth is also Best Known For

Larry Oxenham is best known for helping those achieve financial success the “lazy way”.

Larry Oxenham's Biography

Larry Oxenham is an author, speaker and a network marketing mentor.

Larry Oxenham started finding some professional success as an asset’s protection expert. He’s helped many people/businesses structure their investments for tax reduction and lawsuit protection. This led him to many of his speaking engagements where he’s conducted seminars in all 50 States in America plus visiting many other continents such as Europe and Asia. He resides in Oklahoma and attended Mount San Antonio Jr. College.

As an author, Larry Oxingham has authored and co-authored many articles and books that include “The Asset Protection Bible” and “How To Achieve Financial Peace Of Mind Through Asset Protection”.

As for the internet/network marketing industry, Larry Oxenham's flagship company/site is Lazy Wealth.

Basically, it is a business resource and advisory service. The claims are that he will only promote a business on this site as long as he’s tried it and has succeeded financially from it personally. Currently, on the site, there are many programs that he endorses such as Silver Snowball, IPas and AMC, just to name a few. Some would classify him as an MLM junkie, however; it is a fairly intelligent concept since he takes the “put your money where your mouth is” approach.

His “lazy ways” started in 1996. He offered back then and still offers currently the original Lazy Wealth Guide. The guide itself covered everything from golf, to international marketing to debt reduction. It was basically an educational course that provided assignments via email.

As for his reputation… it varies. Although most agree that Larry Oxenham's original course (roughly $40) classified from good to great information, there wasn’t much on internet marketing and that his skills in that department were limited. However, he has since been studying the skill for a while now and incorporates it in his businesses. Some will say that his “original” course was a good start for those who want to learn about running a business from home and others will say about his current business is that he’s nothing more than a schemer who’s looking to squeeze as much money out of you as possible.

Larry Oxenham doesn’t have much of a presence on the major marketing sites that are used for internet marketing such as Facebook and he’s non-existent in places like Better Networker and Twitter. Some have even asked the question on several forms on how to find him on the internet. That will be a big red flag to anyone even newbie’s since network marketing is more or less all about internet marketing. Another red flag that was raised in the forums was that one of his sites was shut down because he was promoting a business with free hosting – some would say is a rookie mistake.

As always, do your due diligence however it appears that Larry Oxenham’s reputation isn’t as good as some but not as bad as others.

Larry Oxenham is firmly a Cash Gifter, which typically delivers very little in terms of real support and training.

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