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adam hollandAdam Holland is a young man who is a network marketing coach and assists others in building their online businesses through his free video presentations and his paid coaching course. His products include Revolutionary Profits and Explode-My-Business and he is also involved in the Global Resorts Network marketing business.

Although Adam gained his B.S. in Electrical Engineering, he soon realized that the average Electrical Engineering office job was not for him and that he was more passionate about the home-based business industry.  After leaving the electrical engineering practice, Adam has really achieved success in his online network marketing businesses and is passionate about teaching others to do the same.

Adam Holland’s Revolutionary Profits and Explode-My-Business Products

Adam Holland’s two main products are the Revolutionary Profits program and the Explode-My-Business program. The Revolutionary Profits program is a free ten day course, and the Explode-My-Business program lasts for seven days. In both of these courses, which Adam terms his ‘boot camp trainings’ users are taught skills, strategies and methods of achieving success in online business and network marketing.

The Explode-My-Business program is a tutorial course of over 150 pages, 30 videos, 15 marketing strategies and 5 eBooks that teaches internet marketing and general online business strategies to network marketers. This course is broken up into four modules which cover different aspects of achieving success online.

Adam Holland’s Start with Global Resorts Network

Although Adam Holland’s products include Revolutionary Profits and Explode-My-Business, Adam Holland's primary network marketing opportunity is the Global Resorts Network. On his YouTube video he shares how he got involved with the Global Resorts Network and the initial struggles he had to face as well as the failures at other network marketing programs before that that he was introduced to. He says that the system of cold-calling and just walking up to people in shops was just not for him but that he felt he needed a system that was more home-based. Getting involved in network marketing was not easy for him and initially it meant working long hours with a day job and on his MLM business but eventually he made it and is now very successful in his field.

Adam Holland is a young man who has experienced the failures of network marketing but has pressed through with determination and has succeeded in achieving success in this industry and is now helping others to do the same with his Revolutionary Profits and Explode-My-Business courses.

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