Gordon Moss The World’s Greatest Networker

Gordon Moss: The World's Greatest Networker?

I got a phone call a couple days ago from Gordon Moss, the self-proclaimed “Greatest Networker in the World.”  Now, I don't usually make posts like this, but I want to set the record straight.  The guy is full of shit.

Gordon Moss called me a couple of years ago with the same type of tired schtick and ended up saying one of the grossest things I've ever heard anybody say.

Here's the truth about Gordon Moss – and I want to put this post out there so if people are doing research on this scumbag, they know he's full of his own BS.

The guy is a networking disaster.  No real pictures of him online, no videos, no valuable content.   No SEO, no testimonials.  He has a very strange blog by Gordon Moss on blogspot (not on his own domain which to me is quite telling.)  His relationship skills are less than zero in my opinion.

Gordon Moss's MO:

Gordon is a reverse marketer.  His pattern is to call up other networkers, claiming to be the “World's Greatest Networker.”  He will also claim to be the top recruiting in multiple companies.  He's a big name dropper.

Actually, he threw me off-guard when he called, because he called saying he was responding to a ad about “working from home.”  And since I NEVER advertise any broad-based “work from home” type of ad, I was wondering what the heck he was calling about.

He then insults your company, or claims to be the top recruiter in it.  Then he will try to insult you and eventually sell you drop cards that don't work.  (I'm not a fan of drop card marketing.)

Now, I can tell from talking to him, that he's the kind of guy who never leaves his house.  He just struck me that way.  He does not use drop cards.  But he will claim over-and-over that he built the biggest organization in xyz company using these stupid drop cards.

If Gordon Moss calls you, know this guy is a liar and a scumbag.  And get off the phone.  Nobody but Gordon thinks he's any kind of network marketer.

This is my own experience, but during the writing of this post, I came across a lengthy series of complaints about the so-called World's Greatest Networker on the Ripoff Report.

Gordon Moss The World's Greatest Networker is highly NOT recommended.

If you have any experience with Gordon Moss, please post your experiences in the comments section below:


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About the Author: Andrew Murray

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  1. Gordon Moss is a complete douche bag. He’s been running the exact game plan as you detailed above for at least 9 years. Every few years, Gordon mistakenly calls me. He talks through a voice disguised device. Same sorry attack reverse attempt as you detailed. The guy is a weak freak.

  2. There is nothing you can say about Gordon Moss that is good.
    I got involved with him some years back and it cost me dearly.
    I spent money with his plan that never got anywhere.
    Days and days of so called training that amounted to nothing.
    He kept 30 or so people on the hook with a promise of great returns.
    We all slowly went our ways and felt raped and ashamed.

    If you ever come in contact with this person, go the other way. Repuke him and have nothing to do with him.
    He is a cancer on this great planet of our.
    He will have to answer for all he has done when he stands before God. I would not want to be in his shoes on that day.

  3. Andrew, I can validate this as I just received a call from the so called “The world’s great networker” He pretty much did exactly to me what he did to you.. He was rude and got mad at me because I had never returned his past calls.. When he left a voice mail stating he saw my ad and just like you I was like What Ad? I get so many reverse Thank you for the post as the first thing did was google his name and found your post.. I think I will call him back and video myself on the phone with him on speaker.. Might be fun and informative for others to see.. Thanks again Bro

  4. Well, Mr. Moss is at it again. He’s been harassing my entire team for the last couple of months – with the same pitch as you’ve read about from the other comments above. What’s hilarious is that he called me (not knowing I was my company’s #1 earner) and proceeded to tell me that he’s reason our company was exploding and that 95% of the growth in my company was coming from his “system.” I played along with him just to be nice but when he started getting extremely rude and offensive I just hung up. Whatever you do just don’t engage with him, it’s not worth it, trust me!

    1. Gordon Moss is a lunatic. Unfortunately his claims are unfounded, but could easily deceive people because he says them so authoritatively even if they are bullshit. Thanks for contributing and hopefully we can expose this guy and save some people from buying drop cards from this unsavory Gordon Moss character.

  5. This person just called one of my team members a few hours ago. Everything you all mentioned above is exactly what he said to her. He said he was the top earner in ZNZ. When she declined he insulted the company and told her that the only people that don’t join his business are broke. You can get those janky cards online for free.

  6. He just did the exact same thing to me now several years later. In all my years as a professional networker and entrepreneur I have never had such a loser call me and harass me. Gordon Moss after I hung up on proceeded to dial my number over and over again and I had to hang up on him over 20 times. He is a real psychopath. He said he saw my website http://www.KarinaHarris.com and that I was nothing compared to him… what a joke! Beware and do not do anything with this crazy man!!!

  7. Thanks for the heads up Andrew. This guy called me before and now he has changed his name to “Sonny”. But I recognized his raspy voice right away. The guy is no doubt a conman.

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