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JEFF MILLSJeff Mills is best known for being a day to day Youth Pastor who struck it rich in the internet marketing game.

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GoldMills Marketing, LLC is an internet marketing company. It has sold roughly over 3.5 million dollars of product and services through internet marketing and serves 68 countries worldwide. The man who found and runs GoldMills Marketing is Jeff Mills, also known as The Minister of Marketing. Jeff Mills calls himself The Minister of Marketing because of his background. He graduated from Bible College at The North American Baptist Seminary where he became a day to day Youth Pastor for middle and high school students for almost a decade.

Jeff Mills’s been involved with several multi-level marketing and direct sales companies such as AllAdvantage and Mentors In Motion, however, the majority of his focus when it comes to marketing opportunities are on Resorts 360 Travel Club, a discounted travel company. This company serves him well since he is an avid traveller for business and for pleasure.

Along with marketing opportunities, he’s created some of his own products and programs.

Jeff Mills has created two large speaking seminars on marketing success with The Midwest Super Conference and The Boost Seminar. Each seminar is held once a year, once in the spring and the other in the fall.

Other products that hold his name is Outsource Secrets Revealed which teaches his techniques on building a team that works for you including finding, hiring and paying employees.

In addition to his successful marketing empire, Jeff also is a sales coach with his own program, an author and a speaker. As a matter of fact, Jeff has travelled the world including Asia and New Zealand holding speaking engagements and educating other marketers on what they can do to improve their online businesses.

Jeff Mills is originally from Huntington Beach, California but now resides in Minnesota with his family. You can reach him at his home office at 651-769-2189
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