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Jonathan Budd Review 1

Jonathan Budd

Jonathan Budd is Best Know For:

JONATHAN BUDDJonathan Budd is known to be earning over 10 million dollars through online marketing by the age of 26

Jonathan Budd's Biography:

Jonathan Budd is one of the most reputable internet marketing masters the internet/network marketing industry has ever seen.

He first got into the game at age 21 when he was on the verge of graduating college. He refers to himself during that time as a “21 year old punk” who was staying in a spare bedroom at his parents’ home and getting his hands on any material he could to learn his craft. Jonathan is very open about his early failures stating that it took him 9 months to finally figure it out and how to make some money at this gig. That’s where the legend of Jonathan Budd began.

Jonathan runs Empowered Entrepreneurs Inc. and he’s been the creator of several products that have helped thousands upon thousands of internet/network marketers earn a real income or a significant supplemental income in their respective business opportunities including Katie Freiling who was a top producer in MyGenieWise and is now best known as one of the best business coach’s today.

His products include: The 7 Figure Networker System; The Online MLM Secrets Mastery CD; The Top Producer Formula; The Mastermind Mentoring, Coaching, And Training Transformation Program: The Paid Media Secrets; 7-Facebook Money Secrets/

Most recently he came out with The Unstoppable Entrepreneur, which is a multi-day event that focuses on the inner strength of the entrepreneur and how you can become unstoppable in business and in life. He has now followed up The Unstoppable Entrepreneur with The Unstoppable Millionaire.

The Unstoppable Millionaire is a very unique take on the “step by step” model of success. This is a seminar that shows you the model of becoming successful from a newbie, advanced, pro and master marketer.

Here's a picture of Jonathan Budd and I at a private mastermind for his top affiliates:


It was inevitable that Jonathan Budd would have released a personal development program. Even on the main page if his blog he writes… “I’m a crazy kid, who believes absolutely anything is possible in life, and the world is simply my playground where I create freedom…”
If there is any knock on Jonathan Budd is that his offline marketing skills do not match his online marketing skills. Network marketing, even in today’s world of technology, still has a big “warm market” presence. Meaning, there are many people who will still approach family, friends and strangers to build their current opportunities. Jonathan Budd is a leader of online marketing.

Here is a video link that you can learn more about Jonathan Budd and his everyday life:

Jonathan Budd is one of those rare individuals who try to enjoy and take pleasure in life. As hard as he works he plays just as hard and makes no bones about it! He has built a marketing empire so he can do just that.

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