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Karl Payne is a marketer – being able to create a massive amount of qualified leads.

Karl Payne's Biography

karl payne review

It is very difficult to find anything current on Karl Payne however it does appear that he has quite a rich history in the home-based business/internet marketing industry.

He likes to keep public hidden.

According to his website KarlPayne.com, he has been involved with the industry since 1998 but didn’t go full-time until 2002. The site also claims he’s been involved in four separate organizations where he managed to earn a monthly income of 5-figures. From what can be found, the two companies he’s surely been involved with are Lead Net Pro and Resorts360.

On his own, Karl Payne is the founder of LeadGenerations101.com and has many other sites including PhoneTactics.com. Both of these companies have their own YouTube page however he has not been posting actively in LeadGenerations101 since August of 2008 and with PhoneTactics, has not posted anything new content since 2009. However, both websites are currently still active.

Other projects he’s been involved with are LeadTutor which is a marketing course intended to help those generate their own leads. Karl Payne does have a fairly positive reputation, however, some reviews believe that his LeadTutor course was similar to the late Corey Rudl’s marketing course – where most of what is being taught in the course could be learned by simple observation. The LeadTutor site is no longer active.

Karl Payne jumped into Numis Network several months ago, then abruptly stopped selling it.

Another one of his trademark sites, KarlPayne.com is nothing more than a landing page. If you look hard enough (really hard) you can find some information on the KarlPayne.com site itself. According to StatShow.com, the site’s popularity has gone down by 69%. It averages almost 19,000 visitors a month with pageviews just over 41,000. It brings in about $115.80 a month in revenue and the site is worth almost $1,500.00.

The only current information that was found on Karl Payne, as recent as 2010, was that he was or is involved with LVNMedia, a networking company that promotes anti-ageing products. He won an iPad prize for some of his work with the company.

Learn More About Karl Payne

Unfortunately, he cannot be found easily on any of the major social media sites i.e.: Facebook, LinkedIn or some hotspot sites for networkers like Better Networker.

Final Thoughts on Karl Payne

I used to compete selling with Karl Payne back in 2004, when we were both promoting Mentors In Motion by Val Smyth.  Karl is one of the premier phone sellers in the business.   But he tends to only do 1-Up type compensation plans – and people who only do 1-Up plans usually have a very low duplication rate.

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