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Kimberly Castleberry

Kimberly CastleberryKimberly Castleberry is Best Known For:
Kimberly Castleberry is a blogger and a social media expert.

Kimberly Castleberry's Biography:

Kimberly Castleberry is a blogger and a social media expert and is the owner of KJC Media. Although she isn’t affiliated with any MLM or Direct Sales company directly, she is a very important figure in the internet/network marketing world. She has dedicated her career to helping small businesses succeed using social media as a consultant/coach for the most part. If anyone knows the little tricks of the trade of social media, blogging or internet marketing through blogging, it’s Kimberly Castleberry. She is a step ahead of the rest – practically living her life online.

Kim’s background is in IT, small business and research however, she made the transition to the online world as her main career in late 2009.
Her blog JustAskKim ( ) has over 13,500 visitors monthly where she posts about
social media tips, blogging, coaching, S.E.O., traffic, reviews on marketing resources, other social media
outlets other than Facebook or Twitter and so much more. Here is a video of her doing a review on
Here Facebook fan page has almost 2,000 followers and is another platform of Kimberly’s that you
can go to for assistance in using social media or the use of WorldPress (She’s really into WordPress)to
promote your business. You can catch that at
Her twitter account is even more insane with over 34,000 followers hanging on her every word.
This social media expert appears to be on her game with daily updates on one or more of her platforms
and giving honest and relevant reviews and advice. Social media isn’t going anywhere – its now apart of
everyday life not just for the network marketing industry. She is leading the way.

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Personal Facebook Account:!/
Connect with Kimberly Castleberry at Twitter:!/askkim

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