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Matthew Loop

Matthew Loop is Best Known For:

Matthew Loop is a chiropractor by trade. He is best known for authoring the book “Cracking the Cancer Code” and his internet marketing expertise.



He is a chiropractor, speaker, coach and entrepreneur from Atlanta, Georgia.

He is the founder of, a chiropractic social media site for new patient generation.  Another one of his many milestones is the book he authored called “Cracking the Cancer Code”.

He also acts as an internet marketing consultant.  His fees for personal coaching range from as low as $250 for a phone appointment to a personal visit as a high as $9,997/day (not including airfare, transportation and accommodations).

As for the internet marketing world specifically, he’s been involved mostly with internet marketing affiliate programs most notably IbuzzPro.


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Friend him on FB:!/MatthewJLoop is where you can find Matthew Loop's Facebook fan page.

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