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Melanie Milletics

Melanie Milletics is Best Known For:

Melanie MilleticsMelanie Milletics is best known for her specialty in list building using and using them to create downlines on and offline. Her success and talents in list building have arguably made her the top female affiliate marketer in the MLM industry today.

Melanie Milletics's Biography:

Melanie Milletics first got into the industry in 2001 when she decided that she wanted to raise her kids herself instead of putting them in daycare.
She prides herself on creating and showing others how to create wealth by integrating the internet and network marketing together. She also has a few of her own products of her own out there.

The first one is called “Create Your Own Customized Marketing Funnel” which is a step by step instruction course on how to set up a personalized and profitable marketing system. For $50 you can condense at least 100 resources into this 52 page manual. You can learn more about it here at

The second product is an eBook called “Network Marketing Success Secrets” which gives you an inside look on what works, what doesn’t and how she figured it all out through her own experiences. This is absolutely free which you can download in seconds at

More recently, Melanie has been taking advantage of the on fire opportunity in Visalus. She holds a top tier position as an Ambassador just like Rich Pala, Ashley Riggs and many more. However, what make her stand out in this home-based business opportunity were her efforts with Visalus’ Body By Vi 90-Day Challenge launch. She was one of the top producing distributors for this launch and was rewarded by being featured in Success From Home Magazine. You can hear about the honour from the horses’ mouth at this link:

Although known, respected and very successful within the industry, she doesn’t have the same public/commercial presence like a Mike Dillard or a Jonathan Budd. This isn’t by any means a negative perspective because that is what makes her vibe a little bit more real and approachable for the common marketer – which is a refreshing change.

Melanie lives in Florida and her phone contact is 727-565-2053.

Her primary company is Visalus Life Sciences.

Learn More About Melanie Milletics at:

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