Nick Sarnicola Review

Nick Sarnicola Review 1

Nick Sarnicola is also Best Known For:

Nick SarnicolaNick Sarnicola is best known for co-founding and being one of the public figure heads for Visalus Sciences – a weight loss health program.

He is engaged to another top Visalus Ambassador, Ashley Riggs, who comes from a pharaceutical sales rep background.

Nick Sarnicola's Biography:

“Mediocrity crusher, millionaire maker, weight loss lover, life experience creator, passion pourer, travelholic, Guitar Hero fanatic…” This is what it says in the description section of his personal Facebook fan page which you can access by clicking the link below.

Nick Sarnicola's Fanpage

His description of his lifestyle on his Facebook fan page appears to be the real deal. Nick Sarnicola is a veteran of network marketing having been involved with the industry for a decade. He’s built several sales distribution channels in those ten years and became a multi-millionaire by the time he was in his mid-twenties.

nick sarnicola visalus

Right now, he is involved with one of the most talked about network marketing opportunities today in Visalus Sciences, LLC – a company that he co-founded. Visalus Science is a network marketing opportunity that promotes weight loss and overall optimal health.

Nick Sarnicola: How Visalus Sciences Started

Not only is a co-founder but serves as the company’s Chief Sales Officer because of his background and his ability to create easy but effective marketing systems for any sales force. His reputation as a marketing master also is undisputable and proving to be invaluable to Visalus as the company found a way to get “The Babe Ruth of Professional Wrestling” Hulk Hogan on board.

That Pyramid Thing: The YouTube TV Series

Nick Sarnicola along with 5 other members of Visalus, stars in a documentary series by Compass Group Productions in association with White Label Media called That Pyramid Thing.
The Pyramid Thing goes into the world of network marketing and each episode focuses on the individual journey into the world of network marketing for each cast member as well as some of their thoughts on the industry. The other cast members include Ashley Riggs (Visalus Ambassador and Nick Sarnicola's fiancée), Jeremy Gilchrist (Visalus Ambassador) and Tony and Rhonda Lucero (Visalus Ambassadors). You can catch the episodes and the official trailer on YouTube of That Pyramid Thing:

Nick Sarnicola is originally from Michigan but now resides in Miami Beach, Florida with Ashley Riggs.

Nick Sarnicola married Ashley Riggs (Now Ashley Riggs Sarnicola) in a wedding ceremony November 2011.

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