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Raymond Fong

Raymond Fong

Raymond FongRaymond Fong is also Best Known For:

Raymond Fong is best known for SEO Networker, one of the more reputable educational marketing programs today.

Raymond Fong's Biography:

Although it is difficult to talk about Raymond Fong without mentioning Ferny Ceballos, this is in fact a biography on Raymond Fong. Ray, a former computer engineer for the aerospace industry, is best known for SEO Networker, an educational marketing program that he created with fellow business partner Ferny Ceballos. Although he’s done well as just a regular distributor for the MLM industry in the past, this marketing program is what put him (and Ferny) on the map of the industry. Regardless if you are a newbie or a seasoned marketer, SEO Networker starts from the very basics to the very advance. One of the best qualities of both of these guys is not just their knowledge but their talent for teaching the knowledge they have to others.

Raymond Fong (again with Ferny) because of his expertise has been involved in many projects around the networking industry with a lot of big names. Mike Dillard first noticed both of these guys as members of his site “Better Networker” simply by giving out real practical and effective marketing advice to the group members. They now the in-house social media and SEO workers for Mike Dillard’s Better Networker and Magnetic Sponsoring system.

Currently, Ray is working on several projects with several businesses, related and not related to the typical “network marketing” industry that include; InterNet Worth Marketing, Attraction Marketing Formula, Seduce Adwords, Complete Martial Arts and Fighting Styles.

Raymond Fong & SEO Networker

Services that he provides are; Copywriting, SEO, PPC, Social Media, Landing Page Optimization, Video Marketing and Press Releases.

Not much negative reviews on Ray or Ferny for that matter as well. Ray is a master at the services he provides and knowledge he teaches. But, his knack for teaching in a way where his pupils seems to just “get it”, is an added bonus that have people loving what he does.

Learn More About Raymond Fong at:

Website: http://www.raymondfong.net – http://www.affinityintegration.com –
Facebook: http://facebook.com/RaymondFong
Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/raymondfong
Better Networker: https://hoply.io/15
LinkedIn: https://twitter.com/RaymondFong

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