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Rich Pala

Rich Pala:  Visalus’s Golden Boy

Visalus, the health program that promises to help anyone lose weight, keep lean muscle and balance your nutrition without even having to pick up a dumbbell or jog just one block, is taking the world by storm.  Since 2005, this company has been slowly but surely gaining more momentum.  There have been more satisfied customers and more satisfied business opportunity seekers each passing month.  One business opportunity seeker in particular is Rich Pala who’s been with the company since its inception.

Rich Pala's Biography

Rich PalaSince 2001, as a freshman in college, Rich Pala has been involved with the network marketing industry.  Having created a great part-time income with a couple of opportunities, Rich Pala also got involved with Visalus in 2005, in addition with his other companies.  However, being an experienced and successful marketer since 2001, he immediately saw the opportunity in Visalus and decided to make it his lone business.

Today in 2011, Rich Pala is now university graduate and holds the highest honour that a Visalus marketer can achieve with the Ambassador position.  As a matter of fact, he is not only an Ambassador but a 2-Star Ambassador with the company and makes a steady 6-figure income.

The 2-Star Ambassador doesn’t believe that achieving the top spot is a finish line but believes that the work is really just beginning.

With diseases such as heart disease, obesity and a bucket load of other health problems that can occur when you’re health is compromised, the overall health industry is becoming if not already the richest industry in the world.  However, like any coin, there are two sides to the matter and the same goes with the weight loss industry.

There are many products and programs out there that either can’t deliver the results you want, deliver the results but people will revert back, or get no results at all, leaving you broke, miserable and still unhealthy.  Visalus is the only and best company out there that can help you lose weight without crash dieting and hurting yourself and gives you the knowledge and support to assure that you don’t bounce back and waste all of your hard work.

Rich Pala and Visalus

This is where the work of a 2-Star Ambassador begins.  Rich Pala is an example not only in Visalus but an example in the entire network marketing industry.  He proves that as long as you have a REAL product/program like Visalus, the opportunity to earn a significant income becomes more and more realistic.  In only 60 days from completely committing himself to Visalus, Rich Pala hit the Ambassador level.  But, it all starts with a great product/program that works and that is safe like Visalus.

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