Talk Fusion Review

Talk Fusion Review 1

Talk Fusion Review

Talk Fusion Review 3Talk Fusion is a network marketing company that recently made a killer move.

They developed a webinar system for only $20/mo that beats of all the big boys like GoToMeeting/GoToWebinar and Webex.

It has more features than these other webinar systems, but it also is available to the average customer.

It took advantage of an important gap in the marketplace.  Whereas before, the GoToWebinar at $400/mo virtually priced out network marketers and solo internet marketers, now there is an incredible opportunity.

By the way, the best webinar software in the industry is this one.

I am not a CUSTOMER of Talk Fusion.

Talk Fusions Products

Talk Fusion started out by creating streaming video services that everyone needs.  They have a video-skype software that actually works without cutting out all the time.  They have video autoresponders, and the Fusion Wall, which allows quick syndication of your videos among over 200 social media sites.

Actually, they have over 8 full-featured video and marketing products that serve a real need for customers and online marketers.

Currently, they have plans to revamp and improve their webinar conference software (which has a better layout and impresses guests more than the gotowebinar platform.)

Talk Fusions Management

Talk Fusion Review 4Talk Fusion is led by former police officer Bob Reina, who makes a great CEO.  He's demanding, powerful, and gets things done.  Period.  Talk Fusion has one of the leanest management structure because everything works.  Meetings are called only when they are necessary.

Now Bob Reina has some negative stuff about him on the search engines.  But he's a rarity in somebody who has migrated from being a distributor to successfully running a multi-million dollar enterprise like Talk Fusion.

Talk Fusion Team

Some of the talk fusion leaders include network marketing giants Cedric Penn, and Scott Scales who developed the “Webinar Killer” marketing funnel.

We also have some exclusive marketing extras that you'll want to use for yourself.

Plus, if you search for “talk fusion” on Google, you'll see this post.  That post generates a lot of sales – and every one of those sales is going to go directly below you in our binary compensation plan.  That's the strength of joining somebody who has a secure SEO position on Google.

Talk Fusion vs MyVideoTalk

Talk Fusion's main competitor is MyVideoTalk, which is an 8-year-old company that got a bit of traction when some of the MLSPers joined it a few months ago.  If you compare the 2 companies, their products, and their level of professionalism, you'll see a clear win for Talk Fusion over MVT.

MyVideoTalk is over twice as expensive, and they don't even own their own technology, which was the primary reason for the Mobile companies like WOMobile for collapsing overnight.  I don't want to bash MyVideoTalk, but if you're doing your research, let's talk and I'll show you how dominant Talk Fusion is over MVT (MyVideoTalk).

My Video Talk also has no effective webinar software.  So expect to see a lot of people flocking from MyVideoTalk to TalkFusion over the coming months.

Talk Fusion vs IMToolSuite

The new competitor to Talk Fusion is IMToolSuite created by Cedrick Harris.  IMToolSuite is NOT an MLM.  It's a straight affiliate program that offers Webinar services, plus a whole whack of tools designed for internet marketers.  IM Tool Suite offers

  • video hosting (so if YouTube whacks your account you don't lose your videos.)
  • a simple Lead Capture Page Creator
  • A Recorded Webinar service (Similar to Automated Webinars)
  • A Facebook Auto-greeter
  • A voice autoresponder
  • a QR code generator
  • and a live broadcast room like Talk Fusion or
  • and a LOT more

If you are looking just for the tools, take IMToolSuite for a test drive ($4.95 trial) before jumping into Talk Fusion (which is quite a bit more expensive.)

IMToolSuite is defunct.

Talk Fusion and the Future

Talk Fusion has recently changed its structure.  It changed from a $1500 entry point to a $179 binary.  And being a services everyone really needs, that made my decision to get started.

I consider myself a customer rather than a business builder.  Talk Fusion is not my main focus.  If you are looking for the best opportunity, then fill out my application and let's see if we have a fit.  If you are looking for simple video email, and really cool webinar software, then join Talk Fusion.

NOTE: I am no longer endorsing Talk Fusion.

If you have any questions or comments about Talk Fusion, please post them below!

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