Text Cash Network Review

Right now ad agencies and people that know how to brand are getting a huge influx of business. This is great for business but a true goldmine for mobile technology. The Text Cash Network is a network marketing opportunity that leverages the power of texting and allows you to advertise the services of businesses and services in your geographical area.

Text Cash Network – Ad Texting and Mobile Phones

If you have ever bought and downloaded an application for your smartphone you have experience in this marketing medium.  Some say mobile advertising is the big future and it's becoming clearer why that appears to be the truth year after year. With technology multiplying like crazy almost every day now the mobile market is just getting started ramping up the marketing tactics on the mobile platform. Click here for a company that has exclusive integrated technology on the mobile platform.

Text Cash Network – Who Are The Founders?

The Text Cash Network Inc is based out of Boca Raton Florida. Dalton Johnson is CEO, and Brett Hudson is the President. Their main mission is to provide their advertising clients with the highest quality audience and really begin to direct consumer traffic on the mobile platform to guide their purpose. Which is mainly to help the merchants that subscribe to the Text Cash Network the right to high quality, targeted and converting traffic.

Experts say before the average person makes a buying decision with regard to services, they want to know that people in their social sphere have tried it or at least know of it. With the medium of text messaging, it is now possible to find out about the latest ad agencies and promotional services simply by communicating by text. Hundreds of billions of text messages are sent around the world every day (not a bad marketing medium). We could be looking at another quantum leap in texting evolution.

Text Cash Network – How Do I Join?

Right now it is 100% FREE to join the Text Cash Network. Basically a free member registers through TCN and starts to receive valuable coupons and bargains through email. They would then share or forward these coupons and deals with friends. These advertisements they would be forwarding to their friends are bought by merchants that are participating in the text cash network and it's ad/texting network of agents.

You can also become a VIP in the Text Cash Network. This way you will also be able to originate the ad packages and approach the merchants yourself!  Not only will you make money as a referring agent, but as a wholesale agent selling ad packages to merchants too. In addition each agent for the Text Cash Network receives their very own website they can refer anyone to.

How Do I Get Paid?

To get paid in the Text Cash Network you have to first qualify to participate in the compensation plan. Although a little complex the compensation plan is pretty straight forward. Basically you can refer up to 10 levels. If you get a friend to opt in for the email coupons you will receive $0.75  to $1.50 per agent that you refer. There are currently no limits on how many referrals you can do either! So if you are a heavy' texter' and you are looking to take a run at it you may find it very appealing and lucrative. This company leaves a lot of room for anyone who is a good marketer to make a sizeable profit with this new opportunity from the Text Cash Network.

Should I Join the Text Cash Network? Is it Worth it?

Well, it's free and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. If you should succeed in the Text Cash Network as a first level referral agent your ROI would be infinite.  It's good to bear in mind that whenever you are exploring any network marketing opportunity it is crucial that you create a good source for a steady stream of leads. Without steady qualified leads your networking business will fold quickly. In fact, the way you set up your network marketing business from the beginning steps is critical to your success.  Sometimes people can spend years online and not make a dime. What's the difference? The people that are training them. Are you being trained the right way? Find out by watching the webinar below.

The Text Cash Network is an innovative company and may be on to something big.

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